Fan-Tasy Land: How A Dream Came True For One Lucky GH Viewer

Soap Opera Digest: How did you become GENERAL HOSPITAL’s No. 1 fan?
Susan Kemp: I went online and saw that there was a contest for ABC. I had to make a three-minute tape demonstrating why I should be chosen as ABC’s ultimate GENERAL HOSPITAL fan for Fan February. I made a tape, and I won [laughs].

Digest: What is on the tape?
Kemp: I hope that tape never gets out! I did a rap with my husband and my 3-year-old daughter. Let’s just say I was offering body parts to get a chance to come on the show [laughs]. Then, I pretty much got on my hands and knees and begged them to pick me, and here I am.Digest: Is your husband a GH fan, too?
Kemp: No. He just hears me talking about the characters. He made up some rhymes and they made me laugh, so we put them to music.Digest: How was your daughter?
Kemp: My daughter was fabulous! Her name is Courtney — named after GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Courtney, of course. She is adopted from Russia. My other daughter, Alexis, is adopted from my hometown. I also have a guinea pig named Sonny, a goldfish named Nikolas and my dog is named Lucy Coe [laughs]. Digest: Who are you most excited to meet?
Kemp: The Godfather, Sonny Corinthos [laughs]!Digest: What is the best part of your fan experience?
Kemp: I’ve gotten to see some of the sets, Bob [Guiney, ABC Daytime correspondent and former BACHELOR] and I went on the elevator at the nurse’s station…. I got to have lunch with some of the cast.Digest: And you get to do a scene, right?
Kemp: Yes! I’m Nurse No. 3! I’m in a scene with Luke, Skye, Lucky and Justus.Digest: Do you have any lines?
Kemp: No, thank goodness! That’s what I wanted: to be seen and not heard!

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