The Fall Guys (And Gals) of Llanview

Ted Plunges To His Death, 1968
OLTL kicked off with a fall in its premiere episode, which aired on July 15, 1968. In it, Ted hurtled off the fourth-floor fire escape of the hospital after arguing with Larry about wooing Meredith away from him. Larry insisted that Ted had lost his balance, but Karen claimed that she had overheard Larry threatening Ted. Larry was eventually acquitted for the crime, but kept the secret for which he’d been fighting with Ted … that Meredith was dying.Viki Remembers Eugenia’s Death, 1969
Viki’s mother, Eugenia, had died when Viki was a child. In 1969, however, Niki, an alternate personality of Viki’s, emerged. While working with psychiatrist Dr. Polk, Viki recalled that when she was 5 years old, she had witnessed her parents arguing. Her father accused Eugenia of carrying another man’s child. Eugenia then slipped, fell down the stairs and died shortly after (but not before giving birth to Viki’s sister, Meredith). Viki admitted to Dr. Polk that at that age, it looked as if her father had pushed her mother.Joe Drives Off A Cliff, 1970
Joe was determined to prove that his friend, Vince, was innocent of murdering mobster Artie. He traveled to California to do some research. Viki was soon informed that her husband’s car had careened off a cliff. Soon after, Cathy recalled that she had killed Artie in self-defense, clearing Vince. Joe ended up returning to town alive in 1972.Dorian’s Falls — Part I, 1974
After accidentally giving a patient, Rachel, an overdose of drugs, Dorian and her lover, Mark, covered up the misdeed. Larry was arrested for the death, which authorities believed was a mercy killing. Dorian soon felt guilty and went to confess what really happened. Mark panicked and stormed away. As Dorian ran after him, she slipped, tumbled down the stairs and fell into a coma. She awakened in time to free Larry.Tim Trips Down The Stairs, 1976
Vince objected to cousin Jenny’s plans to marry Tim. The men had an altercation at the top of a staircase in the hospital. Tim threw a punch, but Vince ducked out of the way. Tim lost his balance and fell down the stairs. Jenny wed a seriously injured Tim by his bedside, but he died soon after.Karen Falls Into A Coma, 1980
Brain surgeon Ivan Kipling had a secret: He enjoyed hiring prostitutes and making them wear lingerie. When he met Karen, a former hooker, he feared that she would expose him. Therefore, he lured her to an old building and tried to kill her. As they fought, she plummeted down the stairs and ended up in a coma. Ivan, who was in charge of her surgery, planned to finish the job during the operation, but ultimately decided to be a good doctor and let her live.
Echo “Dies” On A Bridge, 1983
Sexy countess Echo held Clint responsible for causing her mother, Gizelle, to fall from a bridge to her death. Echo tried to get revenge on Clint by luring him to the Llanview bridge. Once there, she fought with him and then jumped to her “death,” which Dorian witnessed. Clint was charged with murder, but Echo was tracked down by Viki and Marco. Clint was then freed.Dorian’s Falls — Part II, 1984
Wanting to halt David Renaldi’s wedding to Jenny, Dorian and Brad dug around in his past and learned that David was technically still married to Liat, a woman he had once wed to get her out of Southeast Asia. Laurel, who was concerned that Dorian’s investigation of David’s past would lead to revelations about her partner, Anthony, went to confront Dorian. The women fought at the top of a staircase and Dorian took a tumble. She suffered from temporary paralysis and lied to Jenny that David pushed her, threatening to tell the police if Jenny wed David. Later, Laurel confessed the truth and Jenny and David finally married.Tina Takes A (Water)fall, 1987
In Brazil, Jamie and Dante took Tina hostage; Gabrielle pleaded with her father to let Tina go. Dante then tried to stop Jamie from harming his daughter, and ended up getting shot dead by his cohort. A desperate Jamie shoved Tina into a boat and took off down the river. He was shot and fell out, but Tina went over Iguazu Falls. In Llanview, Tina was presumed dead, but actually had been rescued by Palupe Indians.

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