Ewell's Big-Screen Adventures

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’s Kayla Ewell stole Lindsay Lohan‘s man and helped Anjelica Houston attempt a Hilary Duff takeover!

Work at B&B’s been slow for Ewell since Caitlin fell to the back burner, but the actress has been keeping busy elsewhere. “I just did two feature films,” Ewell reports. “One is called Just My Luck, with Lindsay Lohan. It’s a smaller, supporting role, but I get to steal her boyfriend [played by hottie Chris Pine] away from her. That was the first film I’d ever been in before in my whole life, so it was very fun!”

It helped that, in spite of Lohan’s growing diva rep, Ewell was impressed with the up-and-coming It Girl. “I didn’t really expect her to be that nice and she was very friendly to me,” Ewell says. “I felt good about that and it made me want to work harder for her and for the movie.”

The next set on her calendar was Material Girl, in which she helps an evil Anjelica Houston in her plot to take down the Duff sisters, Hilary and Haylie. “Madonna‘s company Maverick is producing it,” Ewell says of the movie named for the ’80s hit song. “That was a small role too, because I’m Anjelica Houston’s assistant.”

Ewell may refer to both roles as small, but you know the saying: When it’s a Duff or Lohan vehicle, there’s no such thing as a small part!

Both films are due out summer 2007.

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