Erika Slezak’s Emmy Reaction

"I'm delighted!" trills six-time Emmy winner Erika Slezak (ex-Viki, OLTL) on her latest Lead Actress nomination. "My daughter called me, 'Mom! Congratulations!' So I'm very happy that [the news] came from her. I'm very proud and happy that the show has been represented so well. I'm sorry that Kassie [DePaiva, ex-Blair] didn't get a nomination because I saw what she submitted and it was really great," she adds. "But I'm pleased to be going out there [to L.A.] and representing ONE LIFE TO LIVE. We're gonna have a good time." Slezak submitted her 40th anniversary episode. "It was awesome to be given that," she says. And as for her post-Llanview life, Slezak smiles, "I'm terrific. I worked solidly for 46 years so I'm really enjoying myself. I sleep late; the bags under my eyes are gone. I feel good and I'm healthy, thank God, and I'm enjoying being at home with my family. It's great!"

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