Eric Winter's DAYS

Soap Opera Weekly: How hard was it to come to the decision to leave the show?
Eric Winter: It was a challenging choice. There came a time when things started to become clear as to what I was going to try to pursue. Ideally, I’d love to have a film career, but I would gladly jump into prime time, as well. Once my decision was made, I told myself I had to go for it.

Weekly: Did your appearance in the Britney Spears commercial open a lot of doors?

Winter: It did. Obviously, I got a lot of recognition from being on DAYS, but the Britney commercial produced huge press. It generated a lot of positive things for me. That and the small part I did in the movie The Magic of Ordinary Days, with Keri Russell (FELICITY). Both of those outside projects got my mind clear on what I wanted to pursue.

Weekly: What would you cite as the No. 1 thing you got out of this job?

Winter: I had invaluable training and experience here. You learn a lot on soap operas. This show in general has made me much stronger as an actor and as a person.

Weekly: What will you remember most about your time on DAYS?
Winter: I’ll always remember the many laughs I had here. We are a tight cast. I’m going to miss the friendships. I’ll obviously stay in touch.

Weekly: Is there a scene or a storyline that you remember most fondly?
Winter: Everything Mimi/Rex. That’s what drove my character. I loved when Rex was a little bit unstable and a suspect in the serial killings, and the romance with Mimi. Over the last few months, Farah Fath‘s (Mimi) and my storyline picked up. Mimi and Rex were finally not as concerned about Shawn and Belle, which was good.

Weekly: What’s your wish for Mimi now that Rex is out of her life?
Winter: I only wish for Mimi whatever Farah would be happy with. I hope that Mimi will truly accept the mistake that she made, learn from it, and become a stronger person.

Weekly: Would you like to say goodbye to your fans?

Winter: Absolutely. Daytime fans are one of a kind. I want to thank them for always being there by my side. Hopefully, they’ll continue to follow my career, whether I fall or whether I rise to the top.

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