Ehlers Gets a Thumbs-Down -- from Herself!

Beth Ehlers (Harley, GUIDING LIGHT) is her own worst critic, no matter how hard she tries to give herself a pat on the back.”My New Year’s resolution was to finally watch myself, but I’ve only watched once,” confides the actress. “It was very painful. I was in my kitchen with my in-laws. Harley was at Olivia’s bar with Brad Green (Mark Pinter), and my hair was in that mullet. Did you see it? That’s all I could see. My mouth was moving, but I couldn’t hear what I was saying. I was just thinking, ‘I have a huge mullet.'”After the scene aired, everyone complimented Ehlers on how fabulous she looked, but that didn’t seem to matter to her. “That’s why I can’t watch myself,” she laughs. “I watch and think, ‘Oh my God, my hands are so big. Why do I use my hands so much?’ Or, ‘Oh my God, my hair looks terrible.’ Or, ‘Oh my God, that makes my butt look big.’ I’m so critical of myself. I don’t think I see myself accurately. I like myself when I’m just Mom at home with my kids and my husband. I feel very attractive. I walk into the studio and suddenly I’m overweight and unattractive and untalented.”The truth is, Ehlers, who’s 35, has never looked better (and, by the way, she’s a terrific actress). What’s her secret? Yoga.”It makes you long and lean,” she raves. “You have better posture. And I think I have more self-confidence.”Unfortunately, even with a great self-image, she says she will always be her toughest critic.

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