Dream On

Kayla Ewell (Caitlin Ross)

Birthday: August 27

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Siblings: A sister and two brothers

This daytime newcomer plays a teen who catches the eye of Thomas.Soap Opera Digest: What was your first day like?

Kayla Ewell: You never know what to expect on your first day, but when I met everyone, it made this even better. Everyone kept saying, “Welcome to the family.” They really are a family. They even gave me Christmas presents. They were so sweet. It’s awesome to be a part of that. In the beginning, I was nervous, to be honest. I was in my first scene with John McCook [Eric], and he’s unbelievable. He’s just like a dad. I love him so much already. He told me that if I had any questions to just ask him, so he’s my dictionary. He helps me with new terms. But everyone is like that. I can ask anyone anything. Digest: Were you named after Kayla on DAYS OF OUR LIVES?
Ewell: I didn’t know there was a soap character named Kayla. My family doesn’t watch soaps, but now they’re going to. They’ll be No. 1 fans.Digest: What can you tell us about Caitlin?

Ewell: She’s the new intern at Forrester Creations, and she’s thrilled to be working there. Eric Forrester is the Steven Spielberg of the fashion industry, to her. On her first day, she’s nervous, but he’s very nice to her. There’s going to be some love stuff coming up with Thomas.Digest: Have you met Drew Tyler Bell (Thomas) yet?

Ewell: Oh, yeah. He screen-tested with me. He was totally cool, and I felt we had chemistry right off the bat. He’s sweet and very nice. So, Caitlin and Thomas will meet, but she’s really into her work, so I don’t know if she has time for boys.Digest: Is Caitlin supposed to be sweet or nasty?

Ewell: She’s definitely sweet. She’s very innocent and loves the Forresters. It’s been her lifelong dream to work with them, so this is a dream come true for her.Digest: Is she an aspiring fashion designer?

Ewell: Exactly. She’s hanging out with Eric, and he helps with her own designs. She’s already good at what she does. She knows all the fashion terms because she’s done so much research.Digest: Do you like Caitlin’s wardrobe so far?

Ewell: Oh, yeah. They’re stylish clothes. It’s, like, cute little skirts with boots and a sweater. At first, they chose stuff for me, but now it’s, “Do you like this?” They’re listening to my opinion, but I trust them.Digest: How would you describe Caitlin’s style?

Ewell: A little more classic with a trendy edge because she’s really into fashion.Digest: Do you like that you’re creating a new character as opposed to being a recast?

Ewell: I feel so lucky because there’s a new Bridget, and I’m sure that Emily Harrison probably feels she has to do what Jennifer Finnigan did. But I’m putting my own stuff into Caitlin. [Executive Producer/Head Writer] Brad Bell and I had a meeting, and we discussed what we thought about Caitlin. He’s letting a lot of my opinions play into the character. Basically, I’m putting in how I would feel. It’s nice.Digest: How old are you?

Ewell: I just turned 18, and my character is 17.Digest: Did they explain to you how big B&B is around the world?
Ewell: Oh, my gosh, yes. I hear that when they go to Italy, they compare it to The Beatles. I’m like, “Are you joking me?” John was telling me that he needed bodyguards while he ate lunch because everyone wanted to come up and talk to him.Digest: Have you been boning up on B&B’s history?

Ewell: Everyone fills me in as we go. Sean Kanan (Deacon) answered a lot of questions about Deacon and Brooke. I didn’t know what was going on. We had one scene about that, and he told me everything that happened. I watch the show on my breaks, and I love it.

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