Digest's Edmund & Maria Covers

March 15, 1994:
It was time for Maria and Edmund’s first walk down the aisle — but his last-minute plea for a reconciliation with Brooke brought a cloud over their marital forecast. “This is her first love, so Maria is a bit of a wimp,” La Rue laughed. “Deep down, Maria knows that while Edmund may still love and care about Brooke, he’s no longer in love with her.”

March 12, 1996: La Rue and Callahan gave Digest the skinny on their then-fledgling real-life romance. “I can’t explain to you how people fall in love,” Callahan sighed. “It’s stop-start, it’s wonderful, it’s powerful. It’s the major ambiguity of life.”

December 17, 1996: “Maria’s Pregnant!” blared our cover. Of course, the ostensibly good news was tempered by the possibility that Dimitri could be the dad-to-be, given that he’d had a one-night stand with Maria. But the actors themselves were on cloud nine: They’d recently become engaged. “All we want,” said Callahan, “is to find an intimate setting where we can be John and Eva for an hour before we have to be Edmund and Maria for the rest of our lives!”

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