Deuce's Wild

Soap Opera Digest: So, we hear you don’t want to know the sex of the child.
Joshua Morrow: We’re not going to find out. We’ll see, though. Tobe’s starting to buckle a little, but we’re determined not to. It’s the last great surprise in life. We’ve still got a ways to go, but right now, we’re pretty set on not knowing.Digest: How did Tobe break the news?
Morrow: We had just come back from a wedding in Utah about three months ago. We were sitting outside our house, just enjoying the nice day, and she went inside with Cooper. While I was sitting on the porch, Cooper walked back out with the little [home pregnancy] tester, and I was like, “What is that?” And he’s like, “Daddy!” And instantly, once I saw what it was, I looked up and Tobe was standing in the doorway tearing up, and I’m like, “Seriously?” and she’s like, “Yeah.” So, it’s round two.Digest: Does Cooper want a brother or sister?
Morrow: I don’t think Coop cares. He just thinks it’s this lump in Tobe’s belly. He calls it, “the baby.” I call it, “Deuce,” so now he’s starting to call it Deuce.Digest: The family must be ecstatic.
Morrow: They are. It was time. We had Coop and we have him established and a little independent, so now it’s like, “Let’s get it going again.”Digest: Is anything different for you with this pregnancy compared to the last one?
Morrow: The differences in the pregnancies have been huge. When we had Cooper, we were really excited and reading books. We knew it was a boy early on and we had named him. Now, I’m going into this one with a lot more trepidation. It’s weird. I’m a little nervous! With Coop, I wasn’t nervous in the slightest. Now it’s the reverse effect. But we’re so excited.Digest: They say that men who were randy when they were young are often blessed with a daughter. Thoughts?
Morrow: Yeah, then I’ll have to deal with guys like me when I was younger. But it goes with the territory. I’ll take it as it comes. What am I going to do? Not have a girl so I won’t have to deal with dorks? There are always convents. Besides, Tobe really wants a daughter and so do I. In fact, I have a feeling she won’t let me stop having babies until we have one, so I don’t want us having 8 or 9 kids. We’ll see!