Daytime Emmy Winners Page 3

Julianne Moore
(Franny and Sabrina Hughes, ATWT)
Outstanding Ingenue, 1988

Recent projects: Oscar-nominated in 2003 for Best Actress (Far From Heaven) and Best Supporting Actress (The Hours); shooting the romantic comedy Laws of Attraction, with Pierce Brosnan, this summerRena Sofer
(Lois Cerullo Ashton, GH)
Outstanding Supporting Actress, 1995

Recent projects: Stars in new fall series COUPLINGS on NBC and recently married director/producer Sanford Bookstaver (Fastlane)
Cynthia Watros
(Annie Dutton, GL)
Outstanding Lead Actress, 1998

Recent projects: Series regular Kellie Newmark on THE DREW CAREY SHOWEllen Wheeler
(Vicky and Marley Hudson, AW)
Outstanding Ingenue, 1986
(Cindy Parker Chandler, AMC)
Outstanding Supporting Actress, 1988

Recent projects: Director at ATWT
Darnell Williams
(Jesse Hubbard, AMC)
Outstanding Supporting Actor, 1983, Outstanding Lead Actor, 1985

Recent projects: Directs selected scenes at AMC; appeared in the season finale of the CBS drama HACK
Jacob Young
(Lucky Spencer, GH)
Outstanding Younger Actor, 2002

Recent projects: Just finished shooting feature film The Girl Next Door, starring 24’s Elisha Cuthbert

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