DAYS's Sweeney Covers Women's Running

Alison Sweeney (Sami, DAYS) — who is celebrating a birthday today — covers the September issue of Women’s Running magazine. The host of THE BIGGEST LOSER, who just completed a half-marathon at Disneyland, says she began incorporating running into her fitness routine when she joined the prime-time series. “I ran a little bit when I was in high school, but I really committed to running regularly when I started with THE BIGGEST LOSER,” Sweeney recalls. “I saw how inspired the contestants were by the BL Marathons we did, and it inspired me to try. As I started settling in for longer distances, I noticed a big change in my body. Also, mentally it’s made a big difference. I feel better when I get to run regularly.” It’s also something she can do anywhere. “I run in a lot of different locations, and I like that,” she notes. “It’s nice to mix it up and cover different terrain. I love running when I’m on vacation. I get to experience a new city on a whole new level when I’m running and I know I appreciate the destination so much more because of it.” For more, pick up the issue, on newsstands now.