DAYS's Sorkin on Reid

Arleen Sorkin (Calliope) was unable to attend Frances Reid‘s (ex-Alice) private memorial at NBC last week, but shared the speech she asked Leann Hunley (Anna) to read for her with Digest. “I very much wanted to be here, but since I can’t, I’m hoping that Leann will read my memories. Leann always knew my lines better than me anyway. One day Frances saw me pulling my pages out of the script and she said to me incredulously, ‘You don’t read the whole script?’ I didn’t know what to say. I paused for a very long time and then lied and said, ‘Yes. I did last night.’ She said, ‘I hope you do,’ not totally believing my reading. She said, ‘How are you supposed to know how you fit in the story unless you read the whole script?’ So this either means she was a consummate professional (which she was) and read countless scripts (which she did) or that she had a tremendous sense of humor (which she definitely had). I will never know which it was in that instance. What I can say is that in the close to 10 years I was at DAYS OF OUR LIVES, I never saw her lose her temper or treat anybody unkindly. It truly was a revolving door then and she treated everybody like they were important and like they had staying power. For that I am very, very grateful. Show biz and life biz lost a lot in losing Frances Reid. She and Mac [Carey, ex-Tom] are up there running lines and I hope that God picks up his cues and knows his blocking.”

Check out a tribute to Reid put together by her family:

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