DAYS's Lauren Koslow Talks Style

DAYS OF OUR LIVES’s Kate DiMera exudes style, thanks in no small part to fashion icon Lauren Koslow. The actress shares some of her secrets for looking like a million bucks.Soap Opera Weekly: How did your unique style make its way into Kate’s onscreen wardrobe?

Lauren Koslow: It’s happened as the years have gone by. Initially, when I came on the show, there was a look that had been set up for Kate. It was probably a lot more conservative than I saw her. She is an elegant lady, but she’s a bit of a wild child, too. So we have a mix of that. Gradually, Kate became a lot more edgy. She expresses herself through her clothing. When you saw her more working, like in the boardroom, that was a different look. Now, there’s less of that, so we’ve loosened up her image a little. I do have a lot of input.

Weekly: How?

Koslow: When I go in for wardrobe fittings, [the costume designer and I] will spend time putting together different outfits.

Weekly: Do you ever make suggestions about where to shop, or different designers to use for Kate’s wardrobe?

Koslow: There used to be more of that before our budget cutbacks. It is a lot more difficult to continue Kate’s look, because it was a very high-budget look. Richard [Bloore, DAYS’s former costume designer] used to buy some amazing clothes. The really good thing is we saved all of them. We have a wonderful costume designer now. Jayne [Marie Kehoe] goes out and purchases all kinds of cool stuff. A lot of times now, we put those pieces together with Kate’s closet. That’s the solution. Kate has an enormous closet. So we’ll go back and pull things. When you have really good couture clothing, it’s classic. You can keep it. You just put it together with different items. Like a Chanel suit. I can wear it and change it. That’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re playing with it. So you will see repeats now, but I kind of like it. Hey, everybody does it.

Weekly: Who are your favorite designers?

Koslow: I love Karl Lagerfeld. He’s probably my fashion icon. I love his personal style. So he’s my favorite…and Valentino.

Weekly: Does Kate have some of their pieces?

Koslow: She does.

Weekly: Was it difficult getting your tastes implemented into Kate’s wardrobe?

Koslow: No. Anyone who’s ever been here in wardrobe has always been very open to that and developing [a look]. Richard was so great about it. He would ask [for my opinion]. He had wonderful taste, and he really knew my personal style. Over the years, we started to incorporate [my look into Kate’s look]. I remember the first time we put Kate in jeans. It was like a huge thing. Like, “Really? Kate in jeans?” I said, “Yeah. She’s hip.”

Weekly: Give us some style tips. What accessories should everybody have in their wardrobe?

Koslow: Funky socks. I love socks. I’m a sock fanatic; I have really crazy socks. All different colors. I love boots, too. Kate’s always wearing boots now. I think you have to have all kinds of great boots in your wardrobe — flat boots, over-the-knee boots, short boots…I wear all kinds of boots. And when I said socks, that goes for stockings, too. I like putting black stockings with things. There are great stockings out there now, in all kinds of patterns that are a lot of fun. I like mixing things like patterns and textures in unusual ways.

Weekly: Can you give an example of that?

Koslow: Today I have on a striped shirt, a cheetah sweater, cords and leopard shoes. This is as Lauren. I would introduce that into Kate’s look, but I’d have to tone it down a little bit. I remember one time, Richard found this great tweed suit for Kate, and we put it with these fabulous patterned stockings. Then we were like, “Let’s put red shoes with that. We have to find red shoes.” It’s like punches of color in unexpected places.

Weekly: What about jewelry?

Koslow: I love big, chunky rings. That’s my thing right now. You have to have big, chunky rings and multiple bracelets.

Weekly: Do you ever bring in things of your own for Kate to wear?

Koslow: Yes. Most of the rings are all mine. Recently, a friend, a great fan of the show, sent me a snake necklace to wear, because she saw my snake ring [on air]. At various times, Kate has had a lot of snake accessories that I’ve worn on the show.

Weekly: Kate and snake accessories — now, that’s a perfect match. All you need is a pet snake on the show. Kate could use it at some point to try to kill somebody.

Koslow: I like the way you think. That would be fun!