DAYS Duo In Doritos Commercial

Camila Banus and Nathan Owens (Gabi and Cameron, DAYS) appear in a Doritos commercial that is vying for a chance to run during the Super Bowl on February 3. "It's a 2010 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl entry," explains Banus. "The people who created the commercial are in a contest to have it voted most popular so that it can be seen Super Bowl night. I play a Minority Report-type agent and Nathan is a bad guy who is obsessed with Doritos. When you first see me, I'm wearing a blonde wig, and then I take it off. There are amazing special effects. It’s really fun." Meanwhile, it’s no coincidence that the two DAYS stars appear together in the commercial. "Nathan's manager is a friend of mine," shares Banus. "When Nathan was cast, his manager mentioned that I would be perfect for the other character. Since we're both on DAYS, the creators went for it." Banus is excited to see if the commercial gets picked. "I never watch the Super Bowl," she reveals, "but I'll be watching this year." To view the commercial, please visit You can vote for Banus and Owens's commercial by selecting "The Naughty Agent."

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