Curtains Call

GL faves Robert Newman (ex-Josh) and Kim Zimmer (ex-Reva) talk about reuniting on the stage in the Broadway murder mystery musical Curtains.Soap Opera Digest: So, how did this come about?

Kim Zimmer: We didn’t come as a package. It just happened! He’d had it in the works for a while.

Robert Newman: I’ve been going back and forth a bit to Los Angeles and I got a call to do a commercial for Humana [health insurance] and the commercial shot in New York so I flew back and my agent called and asked if I’d mind going in for a meeting with the folks from Paper Mill [Playhouse]. I said sure, so we got together. Talked a bit, sang a bit, read a bit and a few days later they asked if I’d like to do it. It felt exactly like the thing I need right now. I’d been saying to several friends out in L.A. that I really miss the stage. It’s where I feel very much at peace and at home.

Zimmer: We were negotiating and they said, “‘Well, Robert’s got the first position.’ I was like, ‘Robert who?’ [laughs].” So it was totally by accident.

Newman: It was a little later after that that I heard they were going after Kim to play Carmen, which I think is an absolutely perfect, right on the money role for her. She’ll be wonderful in it. She plays this tough broad of a producer. The side deal is that we get to be on stage together!

Digest: Well, are you excited about reuniting, so to speak?

Newman: It’s really nice. It’s a funny show and entertaining as hell.
Digest: Can you give our readers who might not be familiar with the show a brief preview?

Newman: It was done on Broadway with David Hyde Pierce and Debra Monk. They played the two roles we’re [taking on]. It’s kind of a musical within a musical and a murder mystery. A big musical is in its final weeks in Boston before heading to Broadway and the leading lady that everybody hates gets murdered on stage. Everyone in the show is a suspect. In comes a police inspector [who I play] to solve the crime. It’s fun. It’s a romp!

Digest: Have you guys ever done stage work together in all the years you’ve been costars on the small screen?

Newman: I don’t think we’ve ever worked on stage together. We’ve done a couple of play readings, but that’s a different animal. I think it’s going to be great. We’ll have a couple of lovely moments together in the show.

Zimmer: We’re excited about that. I just did a fitting, so it’s official!

Curtains debuts at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts in Houston, TX, from March 29 through April 10 (visit for ticket info). The production then heads to Millburn, NJ’s Paper Mill Playhouse from April 27 through May 22 (