Cult Of Personalities

On ONE LIFE TO LIVE, Jessica’s alternate personality — party girl Tess (Bree Williamson) — recently emerged and made things complicated for Jess’s significant other, Antonio. But Jess is hardly the first Llanview resident to show, uh, another side to themselves. Her mother, Viki, has had seven personalities over the course of the show; Jess’s Uncle Todd also faked having a similar disorder at one point. Then, there are the many characters who assumed another personality for love, work or simply to create a little chaos around town. Here, we look back at some of OLTL’s memorable identity crises.
Viki Lord Davidson (1968-present)
Viki (Erika Slezak) began suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (having alters) as a result of having been molested by her father, Victor Lord, when she was a child. Over the years, her wild alter, Niki Smith, (pictured, with long hair) has come out the most, but altogether, Viki has six alters, seven personalities in total: Niki, Tori (an evil version of Viki), Jean (the control freak, pictured with glasses), Princess (the little girl), Tommy (the angry boy) and Victor Lord.

Marco Dane (1979)
Llanview believed that Marco was dead, but in 1979, his brother, Mario Corelli, came to town. Karen was shocked to discover that Mario was actually Marco … who’d decided to take over his brother’s identity. His secret came out the next year, right before he was going to wed Edwina. He and Edwina soon reconciled and got married.

Maggie Ashley (1980)
Maggie, eager to win over Clint Buchanan, masqueraded as her sister, Pat. Maggie imprisoned Pat and planned to kill her, but when Clint put the pieces together, he found Pat standing with a gun over Maggie’s body. Pat ended up splitting with Clint and dating Bo.
Bo Buchanan (1984)
In 1984, Bo (Robert S. Woods) assumed the identity of blue-collar worker Bill Brady and moved in with the O’Neill family (who hated the Buchanans) so he could investigate some suspicious goings-on at the Lord-Manning plant, where they worked. Along the way, he fell for Didi O’Neill (Barbara Treutelaar) and married her.

Patrick London (1988)
Patrick held Bo prisoner, then tried to assume Bo’s identity so he could destroy the Buchanan empire. When Faux Bo was discovered, the real Bo fought him and threw him into an electrical panel. Sadly, Patrick grabbed Didi and they both were electrocuted.

Cain Rogan (1991)
When con artist Cain first arrived in town, he posed as a German film director, a British writer and a Latino actor. He straightened up somewhat when he began dating Tina.

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