Country Livin'

Tracey E. Bregman and Christian J. LeBlanc (Lauren and Michael, Y&R) have been wed on-screen since 2005, but they got to bring their “marriage” to a different venue when country music superstar (and Bregman’s close pal) Reba McEntire asked the pair to star in her latest video for her song “I Keep on Lovin’ You.” Digest caught up with Bregman, who gives the dish on the shoot.Soap Opera Digest: How did you get involved in doing her video?

Tracey E. Bregman: Reba wanted to have friends and family in the shoot and then asked if Christian would join me. I got him to do it, and it was fun.

Digest: What roles did you play?

Bregman: We were the mother and father of the bride, who was played by their son’s real-life girlfriend. It was sweet.

Digest: How was it being Christian’s wife in a different setting?

Bregman: Luckily, we play husband and wife easily! But it was a little confusing because we were like, “Are we new characters or are we the same characters?” We just went right into being who we are together.

Digest: How do you and Reba know each other?

Bregman: Our sons met at school. They’ve known each other since the sixth grade, and they went through junior high together and now they’re in college together. Reba is my traveling buddy — we went to Tahiti a couple of years ago.

Digest: That must’ve made it easier coming in for this when you guys already have an established friendship.

Bregman: Exactly, we go way back. And Christian fit right in. What’s funny is that Reba has some close friends who are friends of Christian’s. In fact, when he won Best Actor [at the Daytime Emmys] two years ago, I was in Tahiti with Reba and all of these people in a dinghy boat when the phone rang from my mother saying that he’d won. We all cheered him from this boat in the middle of the ocean. I then hung up on my mother by accident [laughs]. At the shoot, we were all recounting that.

Digest: Did they make you dance or sing for the video?

Bregman: Yes, we had to dance. It was just our regular slow dance that we do all the time, so it was easy. With my broken foot healing, I’m not doing anything crazy. It’s fine, but when I’m in heels for any long period of time, I feel it if I hit a certain area. But it’s not a big deal.

Digest: How long did it take to film?

Bregman: It was about 12 hours. Y&R was really sweet. I told them what it was for. It turned out that that week Christian and I were only doing three episodes, so we were able to do them on the other days. We weren’t in that day so it worked out. We shot it in Altadena [CA] at a house, which was really beautiful.

Digest: Now that you’ve done this, will you be doing more music videos?

Bregman: Sure, this was great!

Click here to check the video for “I Keep on Lovin’ You.”