Corbin Bernsen Opens Wide

In a recent feature interview, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Corbin Bernsen (John Durant) ‘fessed up about some past work — dental work, that is.

Colorful stories seem to follow around this accomplished actor and fledgling director of the upcoming feature CARPOOL GUY. The most interesting, perhaps, is the rumor that he trained in martial arts extensively with the late Bruce Lee.

“I have no idea where that comes from!” marvels Bernsen. “That rumor has followed me around for 20 years. Absolutely untrue. It so funny the way it’s worked its way around, and then with the Internet, exploded.”

Truth, however, is stranger than fiction. While he might not intimidate anyone with expert kung fu, Bernsen still manages to scare a certain segment of his fans with a look — and a drill.

In 1998, Bernsen snagged an associate producer credit on the sequel of the cult thriller movie THE DENTIST, but it’s his performance in both films as the eponymous psychotic dentist that truly produced results. Brace yourselves. “I helped develop the story on that,” admits the actor.

“[Playing a psychotic dentist] was a strange place to go, but I enjoyed it,” he reveals. “It takes a lot of work and you come home kind of messed up at night, but it’s fun for a guy like me to dig deep in like that and disappear.”

Judging by fan reaction, Bernsen had a little too much fun in front of and behind the cameras. “I get recognized quite a lot for that role, by a certain type of people. They say ‘I don’t go to the dentist any more because of you!'”

As long as Bernsen doesn’t dig too deep or disappear too far and fans can continue to catch him on daytime television, regular brushing and flossing will surely suffice.

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