Copy Rosanna's Look

1: “Rosanna is wearing a BCBG Max Azria shirt. The skirt is TF, which I think stands for Team Flo. With Cady (McClain, Rosanna), I do less accessories and jewelry. Rosanna would wear a simple black dress and I might do a little something around her neck, and beautiful diamond earrings and that’s it. Or she’ll have a beautiful bracelet or a ring on, but it all looks real and not costumey. I don’t do a lot.”

2: “She’s in a gray Ralph Lauren top here. Rosanna is a sexy woman in control, so her clothes can add a little bit of sexiness or venerability to her. Her clothes are monochromatic, not eclectic. Everything is perfect from head to toe.”

3: “This is a dress by Yigal Azrouel. It’s a ballet pink. This was her second wedding to Craig so we decided to do something feminine and soft. It was last minute and she’d already had the white wedding gown so we wanted to do something simple.”

4: “The white jacket is an Elie Tahari. Cady gets into [dressing Rosanna]. It’s not what Cady wears everyday so she has a good time. It helps her become the character. She puts on these clothes and then she becomes more of Rosanna and leaves Cady behind. Cady has great style, but she is not at all like Rosanna. Rosanna’s a very classic dresser and Cady is a much more carefree dresser. Rosanna doesn’t wear the peasant skirts that Cady does. Cady has a pseudo-Bohemian chic look.”

5: “This is Rosanna’s quickie wedding in Vegas to Jordan, and this is a Diane von Furstenberg jacket. Rosanna is more established so I go with the more established designers for her. Not to say she is not going to wear a new designer, but Armani is great is on her, Lauren is great on her, and Calvin Klein is great on her. Those traditional classics work well.”

6: “This is beautiful on her. It’s a Ralph Lauren blouse with tiny polka dots. It’s very feminine. It’s hard to see the really cool sleeves in the picture. Rosanna has good taste and she’s got money. She lives the life!”

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