Copy This Look, Extra!

Terri Colombino (Katie, AS THE WORLD TURNS) knows what looks good on her, stylewise. “You work with what you got,” she stresses. “That is why I wear a lot of the low-slung pants and show a little tummy. One of the features that I like is my flat stomach.”

Not that Colombino hasn’t made some mistakes along the way. “What I’m learning to do now is buy outfits all together,” she reveals. “Because I’d see a top like that and I’d love it and I’d buy it, but then I didn’t have anything to wear it with.”

Here are Colombino’s thoughts on some of her outfits:1: “I love that top. The pants are great, but not with that top and not with those shoes. That top would look great with slimming black pants or jeans. The pants are from Jeffrey, which is in the meat-packing district [in New York]. It’s a designer store that’s very expensive but I got these on sale. They were a couple sizes too big, but I love to wear things on the hips so I took them up on the bottom, which I have to do anyway because I’m so short.”

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