Confessions of a Neat Freak

After all his years as THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS’ Nick Newman, Joshua Morrow is the first to admit he has a problem. “I’ve turned into a neat freak, organizing guy that puts on lotion and cuts my nails,” Morrow laughs.

“I kind of enjoy it. After dinner, I like the process of doing the dishes and making sure the kitchen’s spotless before I go to bed. I can’t explain it.”

His commitment to clean started a while back. “I always had to be clean, but I wasn’t obsessed with my house being clean the way I am now,” he explains. “My first roommate was Brese (Greg Calabrese), who plays Trevor the coffee house guy. He is a slob. I realized early on that we both can’t be slobs.”

This lesson came in handy in Sept. 2002, when a new guy moved in with Morrow and wife Tobe — their son Cooper! “He’s just kicked my clean-freakness to another mode, because he’s a slob extraordinaire,” Morrow smiles proudly. “Thank God Tobe’s married to me, because he’s a terror. Everything’s messy all the time. I’m constantly cleaning his playroom, because he messes it up 48 times a day. All I do is clean all day long.”

If you’re picturing Morrow with do-rag and a dust mop, reconsider. “I’m not into scrubbing,” he admits. “I don’t actually ‘clean’ anything, but my maid’s got it great. She doesn’t have to pick up anything, because I do it and I keep the house very organized. I’m a straightener and an organizer.”

But marriage is a give and the missus has laid claim to one chore: packing! “I could honestly care less what people think about what I wear, but my wife seems to have a real vested interest in it, for some reason,” Morrow sets up. “If I pack and I’m meeting her somewhere, she’ll bring me the clothes and it’s not what I packed. She brings what she thinks I should wear. It’s a running joke with us. If she’s up to it, I say, ‘You do it, ’cause I know you’re going to change it anyway.’ I just could care less. As long as I’m comfortable, that’s all I care about.”

Comfortable and clean, that is!