Con Artist: A Q&A With Constance Towers (Helena, GH)

Soap Opera Digest: How was the return?
Constance Towers: Working on GENERAL HOSPITAL is just the nicest experience. We’ve all had experiences where we’ve worked on shows where you go in and do your job and then go home — there isn’t that wonderful family feeling or a sense of belonging. This is just such an ongoing, caring, loving experience that it’s really special.Digest: You’ve said working with Anthony Geary [Luke] is the best part about being on GH. Why?
Towers: He’s there for you as an actor and a person. He is such a joy and a tremendous actor — it’s a special, wonderful experience to work with him. It’s fun.Digest: What was it like working with Stephen Nichols (ex-Stefan) and Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) again?
Towers: Unfortunately, Stephen and I didn’t work together this time, but I got to give him a hug; I adore him. And Tyler, whom I adored when I worked with him in the beginning, when I first went on GENERAL HOSPITAL, is just a true prince. He created that role, and it’s wonderful to have him back.Digest: We know you also keep in touch with Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) and attended her pajama-party fan event this summer.
Towers: Oh, Nancy is my favorite person in the whole world! That was the test of true friendship and loyalty — that I would get up at 6 o’clock in the morning, put my makeup on and then leave my pajamas on and drive over Coldwater Canyon to her fan event [laughs], which was a lovely coffee chat.Digest: I bet the fans loved that you showed up. Do you find yourself still getting recognized as Helena?
Towers: I’m just amazed! I was in Portofino [Italy] recently, sitting and having coffee with some friends, when a whole group of women got off a ferry boat. They stopped and said, “We can’t believe it!” And then they went into ecstasy because they were all GH fans. I thought, my gosh! In the afternoon, having coffee in Portofino, these wonderful young women on vacation … to have them recognize me was really great fun. Wherever I go, it happens.Digest: What question do you get asked most by the fans?
Towers: They always want to know what’s happening on the show and where Helena is. And I’m thrilled when they say that she is the character they love to hate.Digest: What else have you been up to?
Towers: I’ve been singing. I’ve been doing a lot of concerts. I was in Town Hall in New York in October of last year, and then I’ve been in Florida, Palm Springs … kind of all over the country. They’re one-night concerts. This summer, I did several that were outdoors — I sang Rodgers and Hammerstein music, which is always wonderful under the stars.Digest: You began your career as a singer, correct?
Towers: Yes. This gave me a chance to go back and do the thing that I started off doing. To be able to still do it, and that people still want me to do it, is really wonderful.Digest: Any theater?
Towers: I’m actually getting ready to produce an off-Broadway play, which is a wonderful experience. It’s a one-actor play, and I can’t say who the actor is, but he is a big Broadway star. I’m very excited about that.Digest: Is this your first time producing?
Towers: It’s my second time, actually. We hope to have our first reading in November in New York for backers and then open in the spring.Digest: What about acting?
Towers: Oh, I’m always looking for other theater projects for myself. Trying to find one is the problem. I met with [Broadway director] Hal Prince and Stephen Sondheim last fall on a project, which didn’t work. But we all met, and I was amazed because Hal and his wife are big GH fans. He wanted to know about Helena [laughs]! It shows the power of the show; it has universal appeal.Digest: Well, amidst all of your other projects, it’s wonderful that GH has left the door open for Helena’s return.
Towers: Yes, it is. I love that show and everyone involved, and I’d be glad to go back whenever they want me.

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