Close to Home

With Tad taking brother Jake's ex-wife, Cara, as his own spouse, we take a look at 11 sets of AMC siblings who've eyed the same significant other.

1. Jackson and Travis Montgomery: These brothers both walked down the aisle with Erica Kane, but Jack also welcomed Travis's widow, Barbara, into his bed.

2. Skye Quartermaine and Hayley Santos: Skye dated the dastardly Will in 1990; two years later, he eloped with her half-sister, Hayley.

3. Adam and Stuart Chandler: Adam fell hard for Gloria Marsh when she was Stuart's gal pal. Eventually, Gloria left Stuart for his twin.

4. Jake and Tad Martin: Before there was Cara, there was Liza. The very same year Tad's marriage to Dixie went belly-up because he'd fallen into bed with his ex, she began a doomed romance with Jake.

5. Dimitri Marick and Edmund Grey: Aside from Dimtri's notorious one-night stand with half-brother Edmund's wife, Maria, the sibs vied for the affection of Alexandra Devane, who got engaged to Edmund after Dimitri was presumed dead but reunited with her hubby when he was revealed to be alive.

6. Frankie and Maggie Stone: These twins had the same taste in ladies; both were romantically linked to Bianca Montgomery.

7. Liza Colby and Mia Saunders: Liza's half-sis kept company with Ryan (with whom Liza had had a one-night stand) and was engaged to Jake, another of Liza's exes.

8. JR Chandler and Jamie Martin: Though not biologically related, these stepsibs were raised as brothers and JR felt betrayed when Jamie was caught kissing JR's girlfriend, Laurie, in 2003. Later that year, JR tied the knot with Babe — who promptly slept with Jamie.

9. Ryan and Jonathan Lavery: When Ryan dumped her, Kendall wasted no time luring his baby brother, Jon, into her bed.

10. Di Henry and Dixie Cooney: These half-sisters both had it bad for Tad Martin, who thrice married Dixie and was once engaged to Di.

11. Babe Chandler and Marissa Tasker: Though Marissa never knew deceased twin Babe, she definitely got to know Babe's widower, JR Chandler, whom she married and remains entangled with despite their divorce.