Clifton Sings About His OLTL Days

Scott Clifton (Schuyler, OLTL) — who portrayed GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Dillon from 2003 to 2007, and received three Daytime Emmy nominations as Outstanding Younger Actor during his run — recently spoke to us about how he’s fit into Llanview since his debut on the soap this past January. Clifton also discussed his musician side; the singer, songwriter and guitarist has released three CDs, including 2004’s successful Untitled, in which he displays a Rob Thomas-like performance style.Soap Opera Weekly: How are you fitting in? Has anyone taken you under their wing?

Scott Clifton: Yeah, they’ve been so great. It feels family-oriented, and everybody is so welcoming. There are no politics, there are no divas; everybody looks out for each other, and that’s great.

Weekly: It’s a real family?

Clifton: Yeah, they treat each other like that, and I love it.

Weekly: Has anybody in particular helped you?

Clifton: Everybody throws in their two cents. Well, Bob Woods [Bo] is always so cool. I haven’t even worked with him, but every time I see him, he has the best advice, and he tells these stories…he’s one of the most interesting people that I could listen to and talk to. When I was on GENERAL HOSPITAL, I had these mentors, because people were playing my parents when I was with the Quartermaines, and they had all this history. Schuyler doesn’t really have a family or anything like that. All the people that I’m working with are my age, and have been doing soaps as long as I have.

Weekly: You did have a scene with Trevor (St. John, Todd).

Clifton: That was so cool. We got to go over the script, and he was great about rehearsing. We really talked about that scene, went over it, went through it and analyzed it, and I’m proud of how it turned out.

Weekly: Are you hoping to sing on the show at all? You have a few fellow singers on ONE LIFE.

Clifton: I write songs, and I sing them because I wrote them, but I’m not [really] a singer. So I’m scared to death of them asking me to sing. It’s kind of live; I mean, they use the first usable take, and I feel like I’d be pitchy and all over the place, so I’m terrified of [singing on the show], but I wouldn’t say no if they ask me.

Weekly: If they have another “Prom Night” event…

Clifton: Right, exactly.

Check out for more information on Clifton and his music, including the lyrics of his CDs’ songs.

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