Clayton Prince

Since he left Bay City in 1990, Clayton Prince‘s career has kicked into high gear. He recently completed the straight-to-video film Black Ninja, in which he portrays a vigilante lawyer. “My character is a Johnnie Cochran type,” Prince explains. “He always gets people off, but at night he dresses up as a ninja and whatever [his clients] have done, he does to them. I got to use my martial arts skills [Prince has a black belt in karate]. It was great.”

The actor can also be seen on THIRD WATCH, where he plays Detective Morris. Among his co-stars is fellow AW alum Amy Carlson (Alexandra; ex-Josie), though they never actually worked together on the soap. “Alexandra Wilson played Josie while I was there,” Prince explains. “I was asked to go back when [Amy] was on, but I said no.”

It’s a decision he admits that he often regrets. “My time on ANOTHER WORLD was up and down,” he sighs. “There were times when I’d only be on for three days a month! When I was offered [prime-time series] DARK JUSTICE, I begged to be let go.”

Prince later turned down an offer to play David on GUIDING LIGHT. “My manager at the time didn’t want me to do it,” he reports, “and Terrell Tilford took the job. He ended up meeting his wife [Victoria Platt, ex-Vicky], so I guess it was meant to be. I’d love to do a soap now. I’m in a different frame of mind – I’m much more settled.”

He’d already have a cheerleader in his girlfriend, “a YOUNG AND RESTLESS addict!” he chuckles. “She always makes me watch it. The thing I’ve noticed the most about soaps is that they’ve improved so much in terms of the writing and production values. They’re like movies!”

Sadly, AW is no longer on the daytime roster. Still, Prince wants to deliver this message to his former co-stars: “I had a great time working with everyone at ANOTHER WORLD. I still think of all of you and send my regards.”

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