Clash And Burn

Half brothers Ridge Forrester and Nick Marone have only known each other since 2003, but they’re already daytime’s Cain and Abel. Here’s a look at all the acrimony in their relationship, which is usually centered around Brooke (and believe it or not, there was a time when they actually liked each other).2003

Before they even know they share the same father (shipping magnate Massimo Marone), Ridge doesn’t like sea-faring Dominick Payne, who is captivated with Brooke. The feeling is mutual, as Nick thinks the cocky “dressmaker” is stringing along Brooke. Nick accepts a job at Marone Industries, then finds out that he and Ridge are siblings. Brooke leaves Ridge at the altar and starts dating Nick, but she eventually returns to Forrester. They elope on a tropical island, where Ridge is kidnapped and held for ransom. Nick risks his life to help, but they think that Ridge dies in a fiery furnace. A devastated Brooke has comfort sex with Nick, then Ridge appears. Brooke and Nick keep quiet about their tryst and Ridge thanks his little brother for coming to his aid. Thus begins their one and only détente, but when Brooke becomes pregnant and confesses that she slept with Nick, the feud is back on. A prenatal paternity test proves Nick is the father, but Ridge refuses to give up Brooke. She insists it’s not fair to saddle him with another man’s child and they break up.


Ridge and Brooke annul their marriage. Nick proposes to Brooke and she accepts, but Ridge stops the wedding by having the FBI arrest Nick (whose last name is now legally Marone) on trumped-up charges. Brooke reunites with Ridge. Nick discovers a possible discrepancy in the original paternity test and nobly apprises Brooke and Ridge right after she gives birth to a boy. Another test confirms that Ridge is the father. Brooke and Ridge wed while Nick gets drunk with Stephanie.


Brooke gets upset when it appears that feelings between Ridge and Bridget have started up again. A guilt-ridden Bridget turns to Nick, who punches out Ridge. Taylor comes back from the dead and invalidates Ridge and Brooke’s marriage. He waffles between the two women until Stephanie fakes a heart attack and pushes her son to choose Taylor. Nick romances Bridget and after three tries, they finally tie the knot (but not before Brooke confesses her love to Nick).


Ridge dumps Taylor because he’s still in love with Brooke. Bridget releases Nick from his vows and shows up in time to interrupt Brooke and Ridge’s nups. Nick and Brooke reconcile, but while she’s groggy on medication, she sleeps with Ridge. Nick finds out and the brothers brawl at the Forrester cabin. Nick and Brooke marry. While they’re on their honeymoon, Ridge has a heart attack. He recovers, but Nick forces Eric to sell him Forrester Creations in exchange for not having Stephanie prosecuted for trying to kill Jackie. Brooke is wounded by her husband’s thirst for revenge and they split. She goes back to Ridge (of course).


Nick romances Taylor while Brooke and Ridge plan their wedding. The Forresters start a new fashion house called Forrester Originals. Nick buys up distributors in order to freeze out Forrester Originals. The plan works when no one shows up for their first fashion show. In Australia, Brooke is horrified when Ridge slugs Rick. She flies home and begs Nick for another chance. He takes a pass and proposes to Taylor. Right after their wedding reception, she is implanted with a donor egg fertilized with Nick’s sperm. After baby Jack is born, everyone discovers that Brooke’s egg was accidentally used.


Nick and Taylor divorce; Ridge and Brooke are headed for the altar. When Taylor can’t bond with Jack, she decides to give up custody to Brooke. Ridge isn’t happy about raising Nick’s child, but promises to try and the brothers call an uneasy truce. Wonder how long that will last.

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