Chloe's Call

Nancy Wesley (Patrika Darbo) revealed to husband Craig (Kevin Spirtas) that she’d given up a daughter 15 years before. She went to the orphanage where her child — named Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) — was living and invited her to stay with the Wesleys. Chloe reluctantly accepted, but was angry with Nancy — especially because Nancy initially kept mum about who Chloe really was. Instead, she bonded with Craig, much to Nancy’s chagrin.
Soon, Chloe began her tenure at Salem High, but the students didn’t exactly welcome the perpetually black-attired, opera-loving teen. Mean kids Jason and Jan and popular jock Philip Kiriakis started calling the newcomer “Ghoul Girl.” Cheerleader Belle (then-Kirsten Storms) and Shawn (Jason Cook) befriended Chloe and tried to stop her tormenters.2000
Philip (then-Jay Kenneth Johnson) and Shawn engaged in a video game match in which the loser would have to escort Chloe to the Last Blast Dance. Philip was the lucky guy who got to ask her. Chloe accepted, but Jason and Jan planned to humiliate her Carrie-style, by pouring blood over her at the event. On the day of the dance, Philip was furious when Chloe donned a black cape and hood rather than a normal gown; at school, however, Chloe stripped off her outfit and was actually wearing a sexy red dress. Philip found himself smitten with the girl whom he’d been teasing. Meanwhile, Shawn realized what Jason and Jan were up to and pulled Chloe out of the way; the bucket of blood ended up being dumped on Philip.2000
Philip and Chloe began dating and finally shared their first kiss. The other teens objected, convinced that Chloe was a witch. Belle also found herself becoming jealous of the attention Chloe was receiving from Shawn. Eventually, Chloe learned about the Last Blast bet from Jan and dumped Philip. Chloe forgave Phil after he climbed the tree outside of her window to serenade her…and fell out of it.2000
Belle’s older brother, Brady (Kyle Lowder), came home from school with a big chip on his shoulder. He clashed with almost everyone, including Chloe, with whom he enjoyed matching wits. Turns out that they shared a love for opera. On Halloween, Chloe and Brady (disguised as Zorro) sang a duet at the docks. After, Philip realized that the masked man was Brady; Chloe urged Phil not to be jealous. Later, while ice skating, Philip told Chloe that he loved her.2001
Brady and Chloe continued to argue/bond. Meanwhile, Philip’s father, Victor, was presumed dead after being shot at at Greta’s coronation (he was faking his death). Philip and Chloe came close to having sex in the Kiriakis stables, but then an alive Victor interrupted them. Chloe was so shocked and horrified, she accused Philip of raping her.

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