Chatting With Choksi

Nick Choksi‘s Vimal on ONE LIFE TO LIVE is, simply put, adorable. We love him!WHAT THE AUDITION WAS LIKE: It was one page of sides. It was funny, because I actually knew everybody in the room, all the other Indian guys I see at other auditions. They called me back, and then by 5, they told me I had gotten the part. Within a day-and-a-half, this whole thing happened. It was gonna just be the three episodes, but then before the first episode was done, they were like, “We’ve got to keep this character around [laughter].”

FAMILY IN INDIA: My grandparents are there, uncles and aunts; I have tons of family still over there. I haven’t gotten to go visit in a long time — since 2001 or so — for a lot of different reasons, but I’d love to go back. Some of my grandparents can’t travel to the United States, so I haven’t seen them in a while.

INTERNATIONAL VIEWING: Mom keeps my relatives in India abreast of when and where I’m on [TV]. They’re watching what little they can. In some countries, they can’t watch things from other countries’ Web sites. We’re still trying to figure out a way to get around that.

EXPLAINING VIMAL: There’s this cartoon, Doug, on Nickelodeon, and Doug is always saying things like, “How did I get myself into this mess?” I feel like Vimal is trying to scrape by and do the right thing, and then all of a sudden, he’s like, “How did I get myself into this mess?!” He’s just trying to find the best way out. He’s out of his league, you know.

BEING RECOGNIZED: I’ve met some of the [fans] on the subway and at the Time Warner building and on the street. It’s so much fun. They’re like, “You’re the guy from the show! What happens?” [laughter] It’s great.

VIMAL AND OTHER WOMEN: There was this scene where Vimal and Rama are in a restaurant a couple of weeks ago, when Rama first sees Aubrey. I had a question for the directors: I thought in the script, Vimal was a little attracted to Aubrey, because Rama says, “This is my friend Aubrey,” and he’s like, “Hello. Whoa, Research and Development, that’s a pretty great job.” And then the next day, when Rama mentions Aubrey, Vimal knows exactly who she’s talking about. He’s thinking like, “Oh, my God; Aubrey? The hot blonde? The hot blonde friend?” I definitely think Vimal is trying to do the right thing at every turn, and is not a player or a philanderer of any kind…but he’s also human.

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