Chatting With Bobbie Eakes

How do you keep your figure?

Michele Daleandro, Glenolden, Pa.
It gets harder and harder. I really love to work out, and when I was doing the high-protein and the low-carb [programs] I wasn’t working out as much, because I just didn’t have the energy. I switched over to a more balanced [diet], and I’m gaining weight. I think I’m adjusting now. It’s a struggle. I’m trying to find the right balance, because I think it’s important to get your complex carbs and eat your fruits and vegetables. But switching over from that low-carb to a regular, balanced diet, I think there is that time where your body is going, “What’s going on?” So I’ve gained a little weight, but I think I’m going to balance it out trying to eat right and exercise. It (low carbs) is great if you need to lose weight fast, but I like having a little variety.

Is it hard playing a character that the fans are so adamantly against? How would you defend her actions?

Sarah Lean, N.M.
It’s so funny because I was just down at Super Soap and the fans — they understand that it’s not me. I got the general impression that a lot of the fans want Bianca to forgive Babe eventually. I think that it’s important that she doesn’t do it right away. And with my character, they understand that she is a momma that was just trying to do whatever she could for her daughter. It’s funny, I met so many women down in Florida, and they’d come up to me and they’d say, “I am the same kind of mother you are. I will fight to the death for my child.” Honestly, I don’t have children, but I told my husband, I’ve always thought of myself as a tough-love kind of a person. If I had kids, if they got in trouble, I would make them face the music. I wouldn’t be the kind of person to lie for them or protect them if they did something wrong, because I think it’s important to learn life’s lessons. But there so many parents out there that are just like Krystal, and I’m meeting them all the time. “I can understand why you did what you did.” I think people are relating to that.

What is the difference between the upcoming album and your last album? Have you written some songs yourself?
Marije vd Molen
This album is all cover tunes. I’m doing all standards and old songs. Well, there are two original songs…one written by a friend of mine, Phil Barnhart, and Lisa Brocah in Nashville. He wrote a lot of songs on my last album. It’s totally different. It’s a little bit jazzy, a little bluesy. I’m doing a Ray Charles song and Roy Orbison. I’m doing an Elvis song, James Taylor, Bread. It’s totally different from my last album which, incidentally, never got released. The last album I did was in Nashville and it was a country record…a little bit more Southern rock. I think you can compare it to Gretchen Wilson — she’s amazing. I’m not comparing myself to Gretchen Wilson, but I’m comparing the music. The solo record was released in Europe, and that was more country, as well.

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