Chap Schtick Part II

Mum’s the Word

Ron Hale [Mike, GH], Tristan Rogers [ex-Robert, GH], Tracy Bregman [Lauren, Y&R] and her family came down. The week before, I had gone to the theater and stopped in at St. James later with a couple of friends for a bite to eat, and John Callahan [ex-Edmund, AMC] stopped in. He has a home in the desert. A couple of years ago, he had dinner with me one night, but he and James became great pals because they love to talk about wine. One of my favorite stories is when James and I first got together, I saw Victoria Principal [ex-Pam, DALLAS] in his former restaurant, and People called James. They were doing an article on where celebrities like to go in the desert, so the interviewer asked him who all comes in, and he said, ‘I don’t talk, that’s why they come in here [laughs].”
— on the celebrity clientele at boyfriend James’s restaurant, St. James, in Palm Springs, CAGoing the Distance

“That’s an often-asked question and I have the same answer for everyone [laughs]. It depends on how I feel about him that day. Actually, he is a saint. He does all the cooking at home, he’s a brilliant chef, he’s as cool as a cucumber, he’s my rock of Gilbraltar. This isn’t the first time I’ve left home to go to work, but this will be the longest time I’ve left home to go work. Our relationship is solid, he’s such a strong human being and secure within himself that, if anything, our relationship is even better.”
— on whether long-time partner James is a saintBad Boys

“I don’t know any woman, unless she’s so elevated and smart and savvy, who hasn’t gotten herself involved with somebody who wasn’t appropriate for her, and she probably wasn’t appropriate for him, either.”
— on Gloria falling for the wrong kind of men in the past.Job Well Done

“I was asked to direct Equus by one of my students who was a brilliant young actor. And I said, ‘Me? Direct Equus?’ It’s nice to be too stupid to know you can’t do something. I said yes. I won awards for best show, best director and I just started working as a director because I have so much to offer.”
— on directing her first playShot Down

“I was working with some guy on GH [where she played Ginny] … He was very cute, very good and we were in the elevator and he was trying to put a shot on me. I looked at him — and this is a true story, I swear to you as the day is long. I looked at him and said, ‘If you spent half as much time working on your script as you do hitting up on women, you might not be a bad actor.’ And the doors of the elevator opened and I walked up onto the set.
— on her GH memoriesCount Your Blessings

Peter Bergman [Jack, Y&R] said the other day, ‘We have so much fun here because we are all still passionate about our work.’ Eileen [Davidson, Ashley] is in the makeup chair reading Vogue, soap mags, she’s cool as a cucumber because she’s done her homework. I love being around that quality and caliber of actor, directors and producers who’ve done their homework and can come in and do it. The cosmos has blessed me; the good Lord has blessed me to follow my passion to theater to teaching in the desert to coming back to the No. 1 soap. It’s extraordinary.”
— on her Y&R co-starsDivine Discipline

“I love it when my friends call me Norma Desmond. Diva … Am I demanding? Yes, but I only want from people what I demand of myself. When I’m directing a play, I’ll say to the cast before I start the first day of rehearsals, ‘I want you to know two things about me: My father is a retired Air Force general and I was raised by nuns. Let’s go to work, okay?’ “
— on whether she’s a diva

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