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DVX Agent Elena Cosgrove


Prime-time audiences may remember her best as April Curtis, the high-tech mechanic who fixed K.I.T.T. every time Michael Knight drove it into the back of her clandestine semi on Knight Rider, but in daytime Rebecca Holden played fast and loose on the other side of the law.

As Elena Cosgrove, Holden portrayed a disillusioned DVX agent who joined other rogue agents from DVX and WSB in a fanatical quest for world peace. Their plans climaxed with a failed attempt to blow up Mount Rushmore, after she brainwashed Dusty (Shaun Cassidy) into becoming a suicide bomber.

“She was a trip and a half to play. I think I wanted to kill just about everybody on that show,” remarks Holden. “But any time you play that evil you have to come up with justifications for everything,” Holden continues “I tried not to make the judgement that she was inherently wicked, but that she was woefully misguided in her fanaticism. In her mind, she was working for a worthy cause. She thought world peace was her motive, so she justified everything that she did.”
For Holden, the two biggest perks of her gig was going on location to Mount Rushmore, “because it’s something everyone should see,” and “the great wardrobe I got to wear. Because Elena was very wealthy, she was always donning great clothes and dripping in jewels.”
After spending time with her family in Tennessee, Holden recently relocated to Los Angeles. “I’m pursuing a couple of writing projects. I have missed acting very much, so I hope to pursue that. I plan to record another album soon, and I’m also working on a dance video called Universal Swing Dance. It’s a series of three videos, that emphasize not just the dance itself, but how the same qualities in your relationship are the same qualities in a dance partner. And if you can achieve that on the dance floor, you can carry it over into your whole relationship.”
And even though Elena was shot to death while trying to escape custody, Holden would “go back to GH in a heartbeat.” For more info on Holden’s music and other projects, visit her official fan site,

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