Catching Up With Justin Torkildsen

Soap Opera Digest: What have you been up to?
Justin Torkildsen: I’ve been spending a lot of time with my wife [Bonnie].

Digest: Is that a good thing?
Torkildsen: [laughs] It’s a great thing.

Digest: Some marriages don’t do that well when the partners are spending so much time together.
Torkildsen: I know, but we’re really enjoying it because we realize that at some point in time I’ll be really busy again. Then we’ll look back and say, “Wow. That was a lot of fun.” We just decided we were going to make the most of my down time.

Digest: How long have you been married?
Torkildsen: We’ve been married for almost four years. We didn’t know each other for too long before we got married.

Digest: Are you considering parenthood?
Torkildsen: We’re still pretty young. We both just turned 25 and we’ve talked about having kids, but not now. We’re having too much fun. We still want to do a lot of traveling, but kids are definitely in our future.

Digest: So what does one do when hanging out with the wife?
Torkildsen: We’ve been getting into some real-estate stuff. Buying places, remodeling them and selling them for a profit. It was nice to really devote a chunk of time to it.Digest: Has acting been on the back-burner?
Torkildsen: Sort of, but I just signed on with a new agency and I’m very excited about them. I’m just getting going with them, but I’m looking forward to some new projects.

Digest: You’re looking lean and fit.
Torkildsen: Thanks for noticing. Actually, I’m going to the gym every other day. When you have a little more free time than what you’re used to, then working out can become more routine. I was really surprised how easy it was for me to settle into because I’ve never been a gym guy. I really enjoy it. I have a friend who goes with me so that always helps.

Digest: I know you were a notorious junk-food junkie. Are you eating better too?
Torkildsen: I’ve been eating some healthy things, but I found that going to the gym frequently, I can pretty much eat whatever I want. But it’s about moderation, too. I just don’t eat three Big Macs a day anymore — just two [laughs].

Digest: Rumor has it you’ve been traveling a lot, too.
Torkildsen: When I was in Italy recently, doing my modeling that I do every year, B&B publicity called with the news that I needed to go to Budapest for an award I won.

Digest: Wow. What was it for? Best Hungary Eyes? Get it? Hungary Eyes?
Torkildsen: Uh, yeah, I get it. Better than that. It was was for Best Actor In A Dramatic Series. It helped that I was already in Italy, so I jumped over there to pick it up. That was very cool.

Digest: Are you available for B&B?
Torkildsen: It’s something we can talk about. I’m always open to talking about it. I really loved the time that I spent there and I would love to spend more time, but I’m not going to sit by the phone. I’ve got plenty of other things to aspire to, but it would be fun to go back to B&B because I miss everybody.

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