Catching Up With Jessica Morris (ex-Jennifer, OLTL)

Lindsay’s deceased daughter, Jennifer, is mentioned so frequently on ONE LIFE TO LIVE that if you weren’t a viewer from 2001-05, you’ve probably been wondering who everyone’s talking about! Jen’s portrayer, Jessica Morris, who left the role in early 2005 to go West, reports to Soap Opera Digest that she still has a soft spot in her heart for soaps.

“At the time that I left, I had been on the show for four-and-a-half years and I was just needing a break. And I missed L.A., but now that I’ve had a few years away, I’m pretty much open to anything,” Morris reports from L.A. “I miss everybody and I miss the consistency of going to work every day. It can get old, but when you’re away from it, you kinda miss it.”

Meanwhile, Morris has worked on a number of independent films, including Senior Skip Day, starring Larry Miller, Tara Reid and Norm MacDonald. “It’s a comedy, and I have another film coming out called Dangerous Worry Dolls. It’s really cool. I play Eva, this girl who’s in a correctional facility and gets possessed by these little Guatemalan worry dolls! They give me all this strength. It’s kind of sci-fi, but it was a lot of fun. I’ve had fun playing these different, crazy characters.” Dangerous Worry Dolls will be available on DVD in February.
In addition, Morris did a guest spot on the UPN’s SOUTH BEACH and a pilot for CBS called DEMONS that didn’t get picked up, and is currently working on another pilot that will shoot in Toronto.

On a personal note, Morris is loving the West Coast weather and living with her boyfriend of one year, Mike. “I went to Hawaii for the first time with his family this summer and got to snorkel and do all these fun things I’ve never done before!” She was also a bridesmaid in Shanelle Workman’s (ex-Gaby, B&B; ex-Sarah, OLTL) wedding last fall and keeps in touch with Melissa Archer (Natalie, OLTL). “She’s great to talk to,” says Morris of Archer. “We’ve probably become closer over the phone than we were before!”

While she hasn’t been in contact with former on-screen mom Catherine Hickland (Lindsay), she keeps up with Lindsay when she can. “I turned on [OLTL] the other day, saw Catherine and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, it’s my mom!’ I need to call her. She’s a hottie, so it was fun having the hottie mom.” When asked if she’d ever return to play Jen’s ghost, she laughs, “That might be kinda cool. I already have the fair skin, so that would work.”

When viewers last saw Jen, she was “cold and dead in the morgue,” as Morris puts it. “It was kind of emotional to watch myself die,” the actress admits. “It was harsh, but it made sense in the storyline for it to happen that way.” Nevertheless, fans still recognize “Jen” on the street. “It’s crazy, even after it’s been a few years, people still stop and talk to me about the character and how much they really related to her.”

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