Catching Up With ... David "Shark" Fralick (ex-Larry, Y&R, 1995-96; 1999-2004; 2005)

During his time in Genoa City, Larry “The Wartman” Warton transformed from Nick’s cell mate to Jill’s love interest to a respected — well, almost — member of the community. Digest caught up with his portrayer, David “Shark” Fralick, who talks about his latest projects and why Y&R will always be his No. 1 soap.Soap Opera Digest: Hi, David! What have you been up to?

David “Shark” Fralick: Quite a bunch of things. I’ve been in a few indie films and shorts, have been producing and co-producing and have been doing fundraising for different charities. I’m now getting ready for pilot season.

Digest: What indies have you been in?

Fralick: I did one called Downstream. Depending on the critics’ reviews, they’re looking at 1200-1500 theaters nationwide. It’s decent, but hopefully, it’ll get a wider release. It’s a futuristic film, a little like Pulp Fiction. I also did a short called Damaged, which is about abuse behind the badge — how police officers or people in the military will come home and bring their jobs with them, and what the effects of that are on their loved ones. It’s kind of controversial, but it’s definitely a story that needs to be told.

Digest: What else have you been doing?

Fralick: This was my fourth year participating in the 168 [Hour Film] Project. It’s a film festival that’s faith based, but non-denominational and open to anyone globally. It’s a 168-hour week and if you turn it in 168 hours and 40 seconds, you’re disqualified. You put together an 11-minute film. It’s very seat-of-the-pants, but a lot of fun. At the end, they have a big screening. It’s an amazing opportunity to do some incredible bonding and to network with other filmmakers.
Digest: Have you been producing other stuff, as well?

Fralick: Yeah, I have. I’ve done other indie stuff and am also doing some fundraising for other film projects, like one called When I Find The Ocean, which was by Tonya Holly. She’s getting ready to produce the true story of Bonnie and Clyde, which has Hilary Duff attached to it. I’m going to be [acting] in that, too. Hopefully, we’ll be shooting in April of this year. I’ve also been teaching classes at the Hollywood Film & Acting Academy. Other than that, I’ve been spending time with my dogs. I’ve attended some animal charity events, too, because that’s important to me.

Digest: Would you ever return to Y&R?

Fralick: I’ve love to. I haven’t considered doing another soap because I feel so attached to Y&R. I still talk to Kristoff [St. John], Thad [Luckinbill, J.T.] and some other people. I know that Maria Bell [head writer] has brought back a lot of people, so it would be great if Larry could come back once again. I still hear from a lot of fans who ask when I’m coming back. The audience is very loyal.

Digest: Do you have any memorable behind-the-scenes stories?

Fralick: Printable ones [laughs]? We used to play a lot of jokes on each other. We’d put Vaseline on the doorknobs or try to make each other late for a call — stuff where you wouldn’t get fired, but you’d get in trouble and have to explain yourself. We’d switch out clothes and put out an outfit that was too small or too big. I’m not naming names, though! But it was such an amazing run and I was so glad to come back for that second time. I’d love to return and have Larry stir things up once more.

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