Catch Him If You Can In Momentum

Soap Opera Digest: Tell us about the movie.
Grayson McCouch: It’s got a classic comic book arc. Basically, the government had a program called “Project Momentum,” where they recruited people with telekinetic powers and then nurtured their talent as a weapon. And then the project became potentially too dangerous and the government decided to eradicate the program and all the people with telekinetic powers. A band of them got away and have been on the run and they kind of survived by looting and robbing and things like that, causing trouble. The government is still trying to track them down, and they recruit my character to work on the inside to bring the wild bunch in. He starts out as a science teacher, but he’s a nomad, because he keeps running every time his talents become known to the public. The CIA, unbeknownst to him, has been trailing his path, so they know of his talents. Louis Gossett, Jr., the guy in charge of the project for the CIA who comes and recruits him. Teri Hatcher plays an FBI agent. The sci-fi is not outlandish. It’s enough to keep you grounded so that it remains viable. It’s kind of X-FILES-ish in its grounded bizarreness. Digest: What can your character move with his telekinesis?
McCouch: He can move cars, people … a lot!Digest: Is it true this could become a series?
McCouch: It was a movie made with the intention of a possible franchise, and in actuality, it makes a better pilot than a complete movie, because the end really leaves you longing for this next one. It might turn into a series, and then I’d really have some ass-kissing to do to Chris [Goutman, ATWT Executive Producer].Digest: So what superpower would you choose to have?
McCouch: Time. I just want to live forever.

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