Carson's Crusade

The quest to spread affordable fashion to the masses prompted QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY alum Carson Kressly‘s recent visit to the AMC studio. He works with New York & Company, which will once again be outfitting the ladies of Pine Valley and stopped by to meet the cast. Digest caught up with him on the set.“I am super-excited to be here! I get a day in Pine Valley and of course, I remember being in the 8th grade and being super-obsessed with all of the characters — and a lot of them are still here! Adam Chandler is still here! Susan Lucci [Erica] is still here! But I’m really lucky because I work with New York & Company and I get to tell people about how great their clothes are and how to wear them and what works for their body type, what colors are great for them, and because New York & Company has this really cool relationship with ALL MY CHILDREN, I get to come and meet all of these wonderful actors and actresses and learn about their characters and talk about their wardrobe. What’s really neat is that viewers can see their favorite characters on ALL MY CHILDREN and instead of their outfits being totally unobtainable, $9,000 Chanel things and this and that, they can actually see the wardrobe and think, ‘That outfit that Randi stabbed Erica in, I want that!’ and they could actually afford to get it! You can just go to New York & Company! And you can also [make it versatile] by getting a statement necklace or an amazing belt, or five of them, or some bright pumps or a statement bag from us!

“So far today, I’ve gotten to meet and talk with Melissa [Claire Egan, Annie] and Shannon [Kane, Natalia] and Denise [Vasi, Randi] and I’m going to go talk to Susan Lucci, la Looch, who we love. She came and did a special episode of QUEER EYE with us once and I got to meet her and her husband, Helmut [Huber]. And it’s just fun to get to see all the behind the scenes stuff, like the wardrobe room. I think people don’t realize how much work goes into making a soap opera and how many millions of pieces of clothing! There are 80 tubes of lip gloss in there because everyone has a different color! And the Intercom system they use to call everyone up to the set! It really runs like a machine and it’s a really interesting experience to see how it works behind the scenes. And of course, I loved getting to hear about the characters, who they’ve stabbed and abducted and their time in the mental hospital, and their wardrobe, and how their clothes reflect the characters. Shannon, who plays a police officer, her wardrobe is more casual and fun — leggings, plaid shirts, boots. And then there’s more glamorous Annie, who is transitioning from young, crazy girl into glamorous crazy girl, so she’s wearing more leopard and stuff like that. It’s fun to see how the wardrobe mimics the character. That’s the stuff I’m interested. ‘Okay, you got stabbed — but what did you wear when you got stabbed?’ Brittany [Allen, Marissa], her character got shot, and instead of being like, ‘Are you okay?,’ I was like, ‘What were you wearing?’ ”

“I died and went to soap opera heaven!” gushed Kressly about spending quality AMC time with Susan Lucci.”

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