Cameron Mathison's Big Announcement

On the September 15, GOOD MORNING AMERICA correspondent Cameron Mathison (Ryan, AMC) confirmed that he and other cast members have (finally!) been negotiating with Prospect Park to join the the online version of the show. "I have been given permission to announce that I and others from ALL MY CHILDREN have been approached by the company, Prospect Park, who bought AMC with the intention to move it online," Mathison said. The ink isn't dry — according to Mathison, there are "a few more I's to be dotted and T's to be crossed, but," he assured, "it's looking very good." The news comes as relief for AMC fans, who have watched PP sign (pending union approval) four actors from OLTL with no visible movement on the Pine Valley front. The company hopes to launch both sudsers on the Internet in January 2012.