Building A Mystery

Ian Buchanan wants you to know that not even he knows the terrible thing that Greg did to Dixie. But when his character comes face-to-face with Dixie this week, the actor says, “Threats are exchanged. I don’t know just how dastardly he was in their interactions in the past, what lines he crossed.” Not that Greg is too concerned by Dixie’s challenges. “He knows that she doesn’t want anyone to find out why she’s stayed away, and the doors are closing in on her. She’s getting revealed; more and more people know she’s around.”The information I do have is just so I’m not standing there looking like an idiot,” Buchanan chuckles of how he manages to play the scenes without knowing the details of Greg and Dixie’s secret. “But from what I understand, Greg is involved in everything, everything she’s trying to hide.”Before Dixie can even address the Greg issue, though, she’s got to contend with David, who now knows she’s alive. They strike a deal with bizarre terms. “The terms,” says McClain, “are that he won’t tell JR that she’s alive if she allows him to prove to her how much he loves her!”How has Dixie made sense of her involvement with David during her years away from P.V.? McClain offers, “She has looked at her relationship with David as one of those sort of growing, stepping-stone relationships where there was an attraction there because he had something that she did not have enough of inside herself — and he had too much of it. He was confident to the point of arrogance, and she was self-doubting to the point of paralyzation. Their coming together, in an odd way, was an attempt to swap character attributes. While she’s been away, two things happened. One, she got some perspective about that and two, her priorities have changed. She accomplished, to some degree, the kind of confidence-building that she needed by leaving to begin with, and then by having to fight for something — something I don’t think I can talk about yet! — that has brought her back around to Pine Valley again. Seeing David again and seeing how he has nurtured the worst parts in his character in the name of the best parts … It’s frustrating and disappointing.”As if this isn’t stressful enough, Dixie then catches her first glimpse of Greg in years. “She has no idea what he’s doing [in town],” McClain notes. “He is a travelin’ man; he travels all over the world all the time, and he’s a very famous man, a world-famous obstetrician and fertility specialist, so she knows that he has the capacity to go everywhere. But she can’t put together what he’s doing in her hometown.”Will their confrontation yield the answers that she — and viewers — have been craving? Tune in to AMC this week to find out.

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