Shortly after winning her big prize on BIG BROTHER Season 11, Jordan Lloyd and her fellow competitor Jeff Schroeder taped guest-starring appearances on B&B. Digest caught up with couple at the CBS studio to find out about their first acting experience together and if they are still romantically linked. Soap Opera Digest: Jordan, you were one of three houseguests that lasted the longest on BIG BROTHER. How’s it feel to be out of seclusion?

Jordan: Love it, love it! I’m so glad that I’m out. I was there for 72 days and I was so ready to get out. It’s nice to have people around again.

Digest: Are you both getting recognized in public?

Jordan: When we were walking around in L.A. yesterday, people were coming up and saying, “Jeff and Jordan! Oh, my God, we love you!” It was so nice.

Jeff: We just went to Vegas for an event and it was crazy. It was a mob scene so we’re just soaking up our 15 minutes of fame.

Jordan: We know in a week or two, people aren’t going to know who we are anymore.

Digest: Are you still a couple?

Jeff: It’s still going.

Jordan: So far, so good!

Digest: Jeff, you scored $25,000 and a trip to Hawaii as America’s Favorite Houseguest. Will you be taking Jordan?

Jeff: We’re still working on that. We might have another trip in the works.

Jordan: He might take his mom to Hawaii and we’ll just go somewhere else.

Jeff: Our own little vacation.

Digest: How did this B&B gig happen?

Jordan: They contacted BIG BROTHER and asked us if we wanted to do this.

Jeff: I was like, “Sure!” I was all in. I didn’t expect anybody to remember us after the show. This has been great. I’m just riding the wave.

Digest: Ever watch soaps before?

Jeff: Here and there. My mom and grandma loved GUIDING LIGHT, so I remember when that would be on.

Jordan: And everybody has heard of BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL.

Jeff: So, of course, I’m going to take advantage of their offer to come on.

Digest: You’re both dressed up for Donna and Justin’s 1980s flashback. Do you think people would recognize you in that big hair, Jordan?

Jordan: Probably not. I look completely different. I was born in 1986 so I never had hair like this. My aunt is 39 and I remember watching her get ready back then and I how she made her hair big and wore blue eye shadow. My grandparents still have her room exactly the way after she left for college so she still has all her ’80s things in there. I stole some of her earrings.

Digest: Has this experience given you acting aspirations?

Jordan: I would like to do hosting or make appearances but I can’t act, for sure. I don’t think I could ever lose my accent.

Jeff: I’ve done commercials a little bit before I got on BIG BROTHER so I’m used to acting a little bit but as far as acting in a series like this, I would have to take it really slow. My dream job would be hosting and I love to travel so if The Travel Channel wanted me, that would be great. To see the world and get paid for it would be my all-time dream job.

Digest: Were you glad you had just a short little scene?

Jordan: I am because I was really nervous. When they first asked us, I thought, “I hope they just want me to stand there.” Jennifer [Gareis, Donna] was so wonderful and gave me tips. It’s so easy for her.

Jeff: I wasn’t nervous until I botched my one line and said “Donna Lewis” instead of “Donna Logan”. After that, I started getting nervous because I didn’t want people to think, “What are these two idiots doing here?” [Laughs]

Digest: What’s next on the agenda for you guys?

Jeff: Home.

Jordan: We finally get to go home.

Digest: Where’s that?

Jordan: Charlotte, North Carolina.

Jeff: Chicago for me, so we’re splitting up!

Digest: So, it’s a long-distance relationship now.

Jeff: Here we go.

Jordan: I know.

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