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Soap Opera Digest: How did this guest spot come about?
Stephanie Beacham: It’s entirely Lesley Down’s (Jackie) fault. She is a really dear friend of many, many years. When I used to have to leave town to work in England, it was Lesley who took care of my dog. When I would call up Lesley to ask how the dog was, Lesley would put her on the phone. Lesley knew that the Jackie M shop on Rodeo Drive needed a celebrity or two to come visit it. She told the producers, “Stephanie will do it.” Chris got roped into it because how can you actually wander around the streets of Beverly Hills at night by yourself? It would be much more likely that I would be wandering with Christopher, so that’s how it happened.Digest: Is it fun to play yourselves?
Beacham: No. It’s an absolute nightmare because we don’t know what we have to say…. Of course, it’s fun. I know it’s me, but it’s not me.Digest: How about you, Chris? Ever played yourself before?
Christopher Cazenove: I think this is my first crack actually. It’s fun. It’s my first time in daytime, so I’m interested to see the multi-camera thing.Digest: Have you acted together before?
Beacham: (Lesley and I) were both cast in NAPOLEON AND JOSEPHINE. She was cast as Josephine, and I was Josephine’s best friend. And for reasons that were to do with motherhood and things, she couldn’t come to Paris. I was still the best friend, but it was with Jackie Bisset, which was fine, but it wasn’t Lesley. So, that time we didn’t, but we made a movie together. I played a [lesbian] biker bitch with tattoos and a nose ring, and Olivia Hussey was my love interest. It was called Saving Grace. We had too much fun. It’s that sort of thing where you actually can’t breathe from laughter. One day, I went to the bank and had forgotten that I still had my tattoos and my nose ring. [Chris] and I have done tons of things together, but Chris would never quite forgive me for once saying he wasn’t a good kisser.
Cazenove: She didn’t like my thin lips. How rude.Digest: Would you ever consider doing this soap thing on a more permanent basis?
Beacham: I have no idea because I have no experience at it. I think it would all depend on the character and the story.Digest: Did Lesley warn you how fast the pace is?
Beacham: I don’t know how they do it. Lesley said, “I have 28 pages of dialogue.” How can they do it? I have no idea. Soaps are massively popular.Digest: Why did Blake’s brother on DYNASTY have a British accent?
Cazenove: Very interesting. When I got the job, I asked, “Now, look, if he’s Blake’s brother and he has been brought up in Denver, but he’s been in Australia for the last 20 years, what accent would you be looking for?” And they just said, “Yours.” So, that’s how it happened, and then I started getting notes saying, “Can you soften the accent a bit?” I tried to do that, but I think to an American, I still sounded English. A lot of you Americans can’t tell the difference between an Australian accent and British accent. But Ben had been in Australia for years.Digest: It seemed like they couldn’t decide whether to make your character bad or good.
Cazenove: About halfway through, there was a fire on a South Seas oil rig, and as soon as Ben made the decision to rescue Blake, they didn’t know what to do with my character. It’s no good, being a good guy.Digest: Charlton Heston played Sable’s Jason on THE COLBYS. Have you talked to him since he announced his Alzheimer’s?
Beacham: I haven’t visited with Chuck for a bit, but when the Alzheimer’s situation was announced, I immediately phoned him and we had the most beautiful conversation. We did. I just wanted to have a real talk with him, and he told me he loved me. You know you love someone if you worked together as much as we did. I thought, “That’s fine.” Alzheimer’s is a horrific disease, and I’ve made my proper communication with Chuck.
Cazenove: Not recently. I see Joan (Collins, ex-Alexis; ex-Alexandra, GUIDING LIGHT) here and there.
Beacham: She is looking so good, and her husband Percy is so nice. Seriously, sometimes being with someone young can make you feel ancient. But they are a very good combo. That’s a good setup.Digest: Are you up on Lesley’s storyline?
Beacham: Yes. I’ve already told Sean (Kanan, Deacon) that he’s at risk of being bopped on the nose by Lesley’s husband. I’ve already warned him. And I’ve just seen Lesley in her costume fitting with her fancy French knickers, and I think she’s having too much fun myself.

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