Brian Frons: Executive Musings


Ryan & Kendall: Yes, head writer Megan McTavish has an amazing story for Kendall/Ryan/Greenlee that will reignite the friendship between the two women and their rivalry for Ryan. At the same time Ethan will be very much in the Kendall picture.

Ryan & Greenlee: They will find out who shot Ryan, as well as the reason behind Greenlee’s odd behavior. The result will be stunning and will create a difficult dilemma for Ryan. (RE: pregnancy) Watch in Feb. I think you’ll be surprised and pleased.

Kendall & Ethan: We’re thrilled with the chemistry with the actors. The characters have a great deal in common. But for Kendall, unfinished business with Ryan will be the problem they need to overcome.

Brooke: Some people think Brooke should get back to Edmund. If you think so too, you should write me.

(Question: When’s the baby reveal?) Soon. Very soon.

(Question: Are Kendall and Ethan going to be a couple?) You bet.

Social issues on AMC: I think the Lily story is wonderful. The actress Leven Rambin is extraordinary. We will continue to see her character grow and get a love interest. What other issues we’ll tackle, I’m not sure. but social issues will always be a big part of AMC.

Baby switch being over: Soon, very soon.

Hope for Zach & Maria: Yes, the actors have wonderful chemistry and their being together is slightly forbidden which makes it fun. Maria is in a difficult situation. One man, Zach, needs to be emotionally healed. While her husband needs to be physically healed.

David & Krystal: They share a daughter and the same questionable morality. Expect to see them together more in the future.

(Question: Is Agnes Nixon involved at all at AMC?) Absolutely, she reads everything that’s written. We value her imput. We just renewed her deal this summer.

Jack & Erica news: We’re planning for a wedding in 2005. We’re hoping for something lavish, expensive and very a la Kane. This will be a real wedding. Erica is going to want to start a new company and we’re finalizing the goals of what that will be.

Even though you haven’t asked me, there’s a reconnection that’s going to happen between Bianca and Maggie. Bam fans be happy.

Ryan & Greenlee commitment: It’s a soap. We’re commited as we can be barring other problems.

Babe & Jamie: We see them as a long-term couple. Very much positioned as Tad and Dixie once were against Adam, they’re positioned against JR.

(Question: Will Ethan learn his real background?) Yep! And very soon.


Evangeline: We’re discussing a brother or sister. We love what Renee (Goldsberry) is doing and see bright things in her future.

Ilene Kristen: She will continue to appear on a recurring basis and in fact the script outline I read this week has Roxy returning to the show and dealing with the return of Cristian.

Michael & Marcie: They’ll be very much involved in the murder mystery of Tico Santi. They’ll also be involved in the launching of Marcie’s book, which will also be available in bookstores.

(On a fan suggestion to cast Debbi Morgan as Evangeline’s mother) Interesting idea.

Viki: Dena Higley has come up with an amazing story that will revisit Viki’s past onto one of her daughters. If I said it twice, that would be a hint.

Todd & Blair: They’re planning a Christmas wedding. The only thing standing in their way is crazy Margaret, who has somewhat convinced people that she’s not really crazy. St. Ann’s is the sanitarium with a revolving door.

Viki’s romance: We’re talking about (it), but we don’t have an answer yet. You have to find an actor strong enough to be with Erika Slezak.

(Question: Will Lisa LoCicero (Sonia) be back?) We love the actress, but not the character, so I don’t think so.

Nathaniel Marston: Yes, he signed a contract some months ago.

John & Natalie: One of the stories I’m most excited about is the return of Cristian and how his character will impact Natalie, John and Evangeline. It will be hard for the audience to decide who Natalie should be with and who John should be with.

Margaret in Todd & Blair story: We actually received a lot of positive feedback on Margaret and her potential, so blame it on your fellow audience members.

Bo & Nora: Yes, big news! Bo will finally admit he’s still angry about her sleeping with Sam, and that admission will start off a more meaningful emotional reconnection, strange as that may sound.

Lindsay: We’re going to reignite the Nora/Lindsay rivalry. It’s fun to see them fight.

(Question: Is Todd really Todd?) Yes, he’s Todd.

RJ: Expect to see a big fight for Jamie as Antonio comes out of his Santi storyline.

Jessica & Antonio: There are still a lot of fans for this couple, but there are a lot of obstacles they’ll have to overcome to get back together.

New writer at OLTL: Dena is very much committed to emotional, family-based stories and sweeping romance. Expect to see the following: the reigniting of the rivalry between Viki/Dorian. Terrific story for Todd and Blair. An emotional journey for Jessica that will make her truly Viki’s daughter. And a wonderful quadrangle that surrounds the return or Cristian, whose romance with Natalie and of course drawing in John and Evangeline. She has also come up with a fantastically emotional and realistic story for Bo/Nora.

Daniel: Boy does he have a big secret and I can’t tell what it is. But when Bo finds out it will really cause waves for Daniel/Nora and Bo/Nora.

Kevin: Some people think he should reunite with Kelly. We’re trying to decide what’s best romantically for the character. We think Dan Gauthier has found his manipulative side and we’re going to see if we can explore that side of the character.

Ric & Liz: That was the choice of the GH writer to move the characters in different directions. At the moment we expect to see Ric/Alexis continue as a couple and Liz will start to look at her friend Lucky as a potential boyfriend, as opposed to just a friend.

Jax & Courtney: This very morning I was pitched a new thriller starring Jax & Courtney. It’s exciting and mysterious and wil bring a new character to Port Charles at the same time. And all the while we will be questioning Courtney’s feelings for her ex, Jason.

Sarah Brown, Vanessa Marcil and Genie Francis: It’s hard to turn any of those women down. Vanessa’s obviously involved with prime time and unavailable. Sarah Brown is committed to NYC and ATWT. We’ve offered Genie a short-term return to the show to wrap up the Laura in the attic story, but it didn’t work out.

(Question: Do Jason and Sam have a shot at being a real couple?) They sure do!!!!

Nikolas & Emily: He’s killed Helena. The best thing I can say is Cassadines aren’t really dead until you see the body.

Carly & Lorenzo: Not at the moment. Carly will be torn between Sonny and Steven. Lorenzo will be developing his relationship with Lois and the son he never knew he had…and his mother.

(Question: New love interest for Sonny?) Yes. Actually he might get two love interests. There’s a new lawyer coming in named Jordan, Sonny’s lawyer in the custody battle. And another woman who is still to be cast who will be part of our exciting Feburary plans for Sonny. But at the same time, there’s still a lot of people who wold love to see Sonny back with Carly so that hope will yet live.

Liz: She’ll be more involved with Lucky and helping to clear Nikolas of the crime of murdering Helena.

Sonny & Alexis: Some people think Alexis should cheat on Ric and have another one night fling with Sonny, but other people don’t think so, so we’re still kicking that one around.

Jason & Courtney: During Christmas week they will be stranded together in a blizzard. How they really feel about each other comes out.

Ric: He will be front and center during the next few months as his relationship with Alexis becomes more real, more emotional and more romantic. Obviously he’ll be by her side as she battles Sonny for custody of Kristina.

(Question: Is Diego Alcazar’s son?) Should he be?

Carly: One part of Carly will always want Sonny back. The other will be charmed by Dr. Steven Webber.

Jordan and backstory with Sonny: She’s an upper-class single child of a very WASPy family. Her family was cold and she is somewhat the “Thing.” However, she is a very competent, go-for-the-throat attorney.

(Question: Is the upcoming “reconnection” between Jason and and Liz just a tease?) It’s a connection we want to keep alive, so in that sense it’s not a tease.

(Fan comment: More of Faith/Justus please!!!) Just a little bit more.

Ned singing: Maybe with Brook Lynn. The music stories have been pulled down as frequency of air. Now from some November sweeps…

On GH this week, Sonny learns Kristina is his daughter. Durant will get a file that would allow him to send Sonny to prison forever. and Nikolas and Emily will be married.

Sonny manic depressive story: I don’t think so. I haven’t been pitched one.

Strong women on GH: Jordan, a new female doctor from Steven’s past, and Liz is a strong woman who will take up more time as we head into the new year.

Sam: She’s staying. I think she’s growing in audience appeal and I think she’s going to undergo considerable growth through the month of November.

Jax & Courtney pregnancy: Not in the near future.

Other comments

Fan statement: “We need more love and romance on ABC soaps and less violence and crime.” Works for me.

Deciding what airs: The most important thing is the passion of the writers. If they’re excited, I’m usually excited.

My influence: The best way to think of me is as a book editor to a strong stable of novelists. I try to act as the audience surrogate. I try to give them early feedback as t how the audience might feel to a given story. I form my opinions through my own experience, e-mail the audience sends me and our nationwide research panel. I might also add, my mother thinks I’m very creative, too.

(Question: Will Frons be at Super Soap Weekend?) Yes, I will.

(Question: Is it true that any response is considered good response?) Any response is better than no response.

Closing thoughts

One of the things I’m most excited about is the custody battle for Kristina, the material we’re seeing taped right now between
Maurice Benard
and Nancy Grahn is extraordinary and could win them both Emmys. If you do nothing else this November, watch GENERAL HOSPITAL. There’ll always be another turkey.

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