Brady Black's Dark Heart

Eric Martsolf is having a great time playing Brady Black’s darker side. He gives the DAYS OF OUR LIVES writing staff high praise for expanding the characterization and revealing new layers. “Sometimes, it is the responsibility of the actor to show some sides and depth that maybe the writers in any other way wouldn’t get a chance to see and to observe,” he notes. “It’s a difficult [job]. I can’t imagine being a writer and having to juggle that many stories with so many actors.”Fans have written Martsolf expressing an enthusiastic thumbs-up regarding Brady’s dark side. “Not just fans,” Martsolf adds. “[Executive producer] Ken Corday and [co-executive producer] Gary Tomlin have come up to me and said, ‘We really like the changes that you’ve made to this character.’ Brady is almost more likable as this strong, evil character than he’s ever been, in the sense that it’s a little more complex.”

Brady is creating new enemies, including his grandfather Victor Kiriakis. “Brady has pretty much proven to his grandfather that he doesn’t need to have his hand held anymore,” shares Martsolf.
Brady has also stood up to his rival in love, EJ DiMera. “It’s a preoccupation right now,” Martsolf points out. “Brady’s simply following in his father, John Black’s, footsteps. Contempt for the DiMeras has always been an ongoing issue for them. It just seems natural that Brady would go against EJ. They’re two totally different men, although recently, there are a lot more similarities between them than ever before!”

Brady has also become less concerned with winning the approval of others. “Other people’s feelings about what Brady is doing are the least of his priorities,” Martsolf asserts. “Brady’s doing what makes him happy.”

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