Bold, Beautiful, Bearded

You would think BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Eric is wealthy enough to afford a valet to groom him while he’s in his coma, but John McCook is such the consummate professional that he decided to go all Method on us. Check out our “beard watch.”

July 21: Donna sits by her clean-shaven Honey Bear’s bedside shortly after his heart attack, unaware that as her attraction to Owen grows, so will her husband’s facial hair. July 25: Doc Bridget confides in her father, unaware that in addition to his heart problems and his coma, he is about to develop “prickly chin-itis.”Aug. 4: See? A nice dusting of stubble has begun to appear on Eric’s jaw and chin.Aug. 8: With the oxygen mask and Ridge’s hands covering his face, we can’t tell how much Eric’s beard has progressed, but Ridge weepily kissing his forehead lets us see that Ronn Moss had an excellent close shave that morning.Sept. 9: Rick looms over his father, thinking, “Man, my own paltry stubble cannot compare to your truly impressive growth. Maybe some day I’ll be worthy.”Sept. 12: Good thing Eric’s on the verge of waking up, because the bear Donna faced down (courtesy of Pam) is nothing compared to this grizzly!

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