Body Conscious

In our 12/14/10 issue of Soap Opera Digest, we featured a first-hand account from Thom Bierdz (Phillip, Y&R) on his decision to have liposuction to remove unwanted fat in his neck area and upper stomach region. Then, he shared photos that were taken days after the procedure. Here, the actor offers us a few more updated looks.In these three photos, Bierdz proudly shows off his physique five weeks after surgery. But the actor says he relies on more than just lipo. “I have worked out for years and do not eat meat or wheat. I also do 100 simple toe-touches in my bed every night.”

Now, Bierdz doesn’t hesitate to wear a form-hugging shirt. “I’m not sharing these because I’m vain,” he notes. “I am insecure. I am just amused at my path.”Bierdz feels he has a lot to smile about, now that his neck has been streamlined. “I am such a work in progress,” he chuckles.