Blogging With Louise

We’re very lucky to have Louise Sorel (Vivian, DAYS) as a guest blogger for the next few weeks! Here, she talks about her first days back at…. DAYS! I took a drive out to the studio and as I entered those hallways where I had worked for eight years on DAYS and eight years, on and off, on SANTA BARBARA, I could feel my heart well up. Down the hall to wardrobe, makeup and stages 2 and 4. There were a lot of the same makeup people and crew. I got lots of hugs and, where have you been? It was so sweet and warming — they are such a supportive and hard working group. I felt I was home — that counted for a lot. I saw Ken Corday, executive producer, in the office and we hugged and he welcomed me aboard. It was all full of emotion and nervous energy. Vivian was coming back to me.

They started me out with only a few shows and then it got very intense and I really questioned if I could do this.

Bless Gary Tomlin for his support and total devotion to what he does. It has been an enormous help and so here I am doing it and I hope you’re enjoying the result.

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