Billy Abbott's Love Life

YOUNG AND RESTLESS’s Billy has a robust romantic history. Take a look at the incorrigible guy’s loves through the years.1999: As a high school sophomore, Billy started dating rich girl Brittany Hodges.

2000: After a night of partying that left Billy with alcohol poisoning, his friendship with Mackenzie took a romantic turn. They realized their feelings when they were crowned king and queen of the prom, but kept their relationship a secret — Billy’s mother, Jill, did not approve. They fell in love, even though he was with Brittany and she was with Raul.

When Brittany got wind of their relationship, she made sure Mac thought she and Billy were having sex. Mac was heartbroken and Billy remained with Brittany, despite his feelings for Mac.

2001: It was revealed that Brittany had never slept with Billy. Trapped in an elevator, Mac and Billy admitted their feelings for each other and became a couple once again.

2002: Billy and Mac broke up because she did not feel ready to have sex. They remained friends, and after Billy protected Mac from her stepfather Ralph, they reconciled.
Mac left town to attend college, and Billy left to build houses for the poor in Louisiana.

2003: Billy and Mac both returned to Genoa City and resumed their romance. The two married, only to find out that they were actually cousins. The marriage was annulled, and they both left town.

2006: Billy returned to town and had a brief flirtation with Jana Hawkes.

2008: In New York, Billy showed up as Amber Moore’s boyfriend, “Liam.”

While in New York, Billy met Chloe, Esther’s daughter. The two had an affair, but pretended not to know each other in Genoa City.

Upon finding out that Lily was using an Internet dating site, Billy created the online persona of Sonny Crawford. Billy revealed that he was Sonny, and the two started dating.

February 2009: On Valentine’s Day at the Abbott cabin, Billy confessed to Lily that he was the father of Chloe’s baby. Turns out Chloe had followed them to the cabin, where she went into labor!

After the baby was born, a drunken Billy slept with Sharon, his brother Jack’s wife. They continued their affair until Phyllis caught them and threatened to tell Jack.
April 2009: Billy and Chloe married to become a family for their daughter Cordelia.

May 2009: Mac returned to Genoa City to find out that she and Billy were not related, after all.

Billy and Mac reconnected and planned to make love on the 4th of July, but were interrupted when Kay had a stroke.

November 2009: Chloe finally divorced Billy.

Mac and Billy broke up when he opposed her being a surrogate mother for Lily and Cane.

January 2010: Billy slept with Heather while digging up dirt on Adam.

April 2010: Billy began an affair with former enemy Victoria.

May 2010: Billy and Victoria traveled to Jamaica for an escape and drunkenly got married. Although the union was revealed to not be legally binding, they’re still happily involved.