Bill Him Later!

Fury is a powerful feeling, particularly when your kid’s safety is involved. BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Don Diamont (Bill) dishes Bill’s dangerous game with Amber, and points out why Amber isn’t as helpless as she may seem.Soap Opera Weekly: This is some seriously intense stuff we’re seeing between Bill and Amber. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Don Diamont: I’m very curious to see [what viewers think]. I find it very interesting; there is a fine line that Bill walks, because there is this pregnancy, and it is technically his grandchild that she is pregnant with. And yet, [the pregnancy] happened in such a heinous way. And then, Liam was just teetering on the brink of life and death, and Bill believes that was created by Amber. So, there’s a lot of line-walking that happens here.

Weekly: Let’s hope Bill’s fantasies don’t get too out of hand. If he killed Amber, we’d stop seeing all these fun Bill/Amber scenes!

Diamont: Well, if he did kill Amber, then there would be a whole bunch of stuff that started as a result of that! We’ll just see what happens.

Weekly: It’s entertaining watching you and Adrienne [Frantz] go toe to toe, because while Amber’s very small and bubbly, and Bill’s so commanding, there are little moments where Amber is able to go toe to toe with Bill.

Diamont: Or Amber thinks so, anyway. As she said to her mother, she’s putting on a good face. But I think, inside her, she’s thinking that they’re in over their heads with this. She is certainly lighting a fire in this very, very competitive person’s soul. And as hard a businessman as Bill is, these are feelings he’s never experienced, because these feelings are about his son’s well-being. So, he does lose control. Even when he loses his temper, he’s still somewhat in control, [but now,] he gets completely driven by his emotions. His intellect goes out the window.

Weekly: As a result, there’s this whole interesting dynamic of Amber being portrayed as little and “harmless,” even though we know she’s a schemer, and Bill being very aggressive.

Diamont: But Bill doesn’t take her for granted in that way. She might be everything you just described but, nonetheless, she’s like a car dealer. She’s like a snake oil salesman. She’s a little con artist.

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