Big Break

Soap Opera Digest: First of all, congratulations.

Mykel Jenkins: Thank you. Wow. I’m still … in awe.Digest: Tell me about your experience on I WANNA BE A SOAP STAR.
Jenkins: The experience was very, very good. I liked the idea that the situations that we were put in were the most extreme. I liked that you never knew what was going to happen. I have spent 15 years training [to act], but I needed this experience.Digest: Were you nervous?
Jenkins: Yes, but I have great faith in who I am, my spirit and God. I’ve been really close to landing projects — I’ve screen-tested for this and that — so I know what it’s like to go home and say, “What didn’t I do in that room?” I was at the point where I thought that God was going to reward me. I believe truthfully that if you’re willing to run the marathon, you’ll win it at your own time. I couldn’t imagine getting here any other way. Digest: Those elimination rounds must have been tough, though.
Jenkins: Extremely. It was nerve-wracking, but I survived.Digest: What was your first day on the GH set like?
Jenkins: Unbelievable. It wasn’t like I came in, auditioned, screen-tested and then they called my agent. As I drove up, I thought, “They’re going to point me to a parking space. Not the parking space you park in when you’re going to see [casting director] Mark Teschner, but the space that you park in when you’re going to work [laughs].” And then I walked into the building, went to my dressing room and was like, “Whoa.”Digest: It must have been surreal.
Jenkins: It was. I’m used to getting up and thinking how many doors I have to knock on, what photos I’m going to drop off and who I’m going to call. But I woke up thinking, “I have a call time at 11.” It hasn’t really settled in yet; I’m just taking it all in. I’m very, very happy to be in this position, and I plan to make the most of it.Digest: Have you gotten to meet and talk to the actors?
Jenkins: I have. I’m like the illegitimate child [laughs]. They’re a real family here, so when someone new comes in, until we share a moment, I’m new. But everyone has been extremely nice.Digest: Tell me about your character, Officer Murphy. Do you know what will be happening to him over your 13 weeks?
Jenkins: We won’t be referring to them as 13 weeks because I’m already thinking about the 39th week [laughs]. I just know that I like the fact that he’s a police officer because at least some of my life can be included in whatever else he has going on. That’s the beautiful thing — that he can be anything. He can be sensitive and vulnerable, street smart and tough, a father … he can be anything. I like his name, Murphy. Murphy’s Law!Digest: You’re married and you have a 4-year-old?

Jenkins: Yes, I do.Digest: Your wife, Tracy, and son must be so happy for you.
Jenkins: My little boy reacted like I want him to. He reacted very real with it. he said, “Now Daddy can get me more toys! [laughs].”Digest: Has he seen you on TV and pointed you out?
Jenkins: Yeah, he does. I watched him watch it. He said to me, “Daddy, you’re a soap star?” And I said, “I’m a working actor.” And he said, “Working actor.” It was beautiful.

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