Big Bad John

Birthday: June 12
His Favorite Sports Teams? “New England Patriots. Boston Red Sox. Boston Bruins.”
Hails From: Guess
Third Place: “My father is John, Jr. John, Sr. is my grandfather, but he’s no longer with us.”
Italian Stallion: “I’m Portuguese/Italian. The Italian comes from my mother’s side.”
The Pitts: “Nunzio is my male pit bull. Sometimes he comes when I call him [laughs], and I’ve had Lucy for about six years.”
MELROSE Mate: “It’s nice to see Jack [Wagner, Nick, B&B; ex-Peter, MP] in the hallway. Jack’s a great guy and a brilliant actor, and if you don’t believe me, just ask him [laughs].”
Daytime Vs. Nighttime: “The great thing about doing a soap is they don’t have a craft service table, so you’re not going over and throwing back Snickers bars the entire time.”
Dating Philosophy: “Every girl needs to go out with that guy their mother warned them about. I just happen to be him.”Does life really imitate art? One might be able to make a case with YOUNG AND RESTLESS’s John Enos (Bobby). Enos, a former MELROSE PLACE bad boy who made his daytime debut in June, plays a gentlemen’s club owner who opens Brittany up to the well-paying world of “exotic” dance. In real life, the actor has a piece of the New York-based club Sweet 16 (sans strippers). “I’m partners in a few places,” shrugs Enos during lunch at L.A.’s Maggiano’s, an Italian (natch!) eatery adjacent to the CBS studios where Y&R tapes in L.A.”When I came out here, I was an original partner in [the nightclub]Roxbury for three years. I didn’t want to have a job as a waiter. As a partner, I’m not going to get fired.”In fact, Enos has rustled up work on Y&R for some pals as extras in his fictional club. “A lot of the regulars in [Marsino’s] are people I know,” he admits. “So when I walk in, I know everybody. It’s like it is my place.” But the actor makes it clear he’s no strip-club junkie. “I personally don’t go to strip joints that often. I ain’t gonna sit at a bar and throw out money for something that’s not going home with me,” he jokes. “That’s just stupid.”Especially because Enos doesn’t lack for female companionship – not that he’s eager to talk about that. He shucks off his real-life ladies’ man reputation, despite the fact that he’s been romantically linked to the likes of pop goddesses Madonna and Taylor Dayne, and porn-princess-gone-legit Traci Lords. “We’re not doing a play-by-play here, are we,” he groans. No, but we must know — just how does one hook up with the Material Girl? “I was set up on a blind date with her [years ago]. Téa Leoni set me up. Yeah, thanks Téa,” he laughs. So what about now? Is there any hope of this randy bachelor ever settling down? “At this point in my life, I don’t date any girls who have an E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY or are writing books,” Enos jokes. “I like women who like to try new things, who like to have fun, who don’t need me to call them every day. They can be in the business but not on the same show. That’s just asking for a nightmare. So as you can tell, I’m not that good [at] relationships. So, no John Enos IV? “I didn’t say that,” he corrects. “I just said I wasn’t going to get married. I didn’t say nothing about banging out some kids.”One woman he’d like to be paired with — on-screen, that is — is Lauren Woodland (Brittany). “I wouldn’t mind that at all,” he grins. “She’s a hot little tomato.” All kidding aside, Enos quickly adds. “Lauren’s work ethic is incredibly impressive. She’s been working day and night with a choreographer and music arrangers on her routines. I’m in awe of her professionalism and the amount of time she’s put in.”Despite a resumé filled with parts like “Pimp,” “Bouncer,” “Prisoner,” and now gentlemen’s club owner, Enos laughs off any fears of typecasting. In fact, he relishes it. “You can’t fight what your good at,” he says. “Chris Walken is always going to be the scary guy. You’re not going to see him playing Superman. People who can’t embrace that and can’t look outside themselves don’t get it. I’m lucky. This town’s full of people who aren’t working, so I’m happy about it.”As lunch winds down, and with all the machismo joking at rest, Enos insists he’s not really a player, even if he portrays one on TV. And at least one woman would agree. “My mother turned up on the set a few weeks ago and embarrassed the s— out of me,” he confesses. “She had some shirt my sister made on the computer with my picture on it, and it said, ‘Number one Bobby Marsino Fan.’ What does that tell you? She is my No. 1 fan.”Enos a mama’s boy? So much for life imitating art.This story originally ran in Soap Opera Digest‘s September 9, 2003 issue.

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