The Big 3-0

July 15, 1980 ALL MY CHILDREN society diva Phoebe (Ruth Warrick) and con artist Langley (Louis Edmonds) made for a delightfully odd couple.

August 3, 1982 GUIDING LIGHT’s Ross (Jerry verDorn) and Carrie (Jane Elliot) made a toothsome twosome, except for her pesky multiple-personality disorder.

September 23, 1986 AS THE WORLD TURNS’s Margo (Hillary B. Smith) got a leg up on Tom (Gregg Marx). The lady’s a real pistol.

May 1977 Before Roman, John and Alex, DAYS OF OUR LIVES’s Marlena (Deidre Hall) loved Don Craig (Jed Allan). (Trivia: She wed him in 1979, so he’s her first first husband.)

November 25, 1980 Digest saluted the storybook romance of ALL MY CHILDREN supercouple Cliff (Peter Bergman) and Nina (Taylor Miller).

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